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5 Tips to Secure the Capital Needed for Litigation Funding

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans helps you in securing financial support so you can continue litigation for your client. 

When applying for litigation funding, a litigation financier wants a lot of information from you to ensure they will see a return on their investment at the end of the trial. Ligation funders have a series of requirements that they seek before issuing funding. The following tips will aid them to believe their money is in good hands. 

Detailed Cost Budget 

A detailed breakdown of the cost through the entire timeline of your trial will impress a financier and make it clearer for them where their money is going. Even though a trial can be challenging, a cost plan can still be made, which can even give the most unpredictable trial possibility for funding. With a breakdown of the trial’s budget, a financier can also come with a counter suggestion to get the litigation funding approved sooner. 

Quick Communication 

During the application process, the litigation financier will request a lot of information from you. Being quick with your responses will gain the trust of legal lending companies that you are on top of things. Even if difficult questions are asked that could expose certain weaknesses of your case, it is important to be open and honest about it and mention any mitigating factors. Knowing you are sincere will build trust with the legal lending company and will help enormously with potential future lawsuit loan applications. 

Solid Multiple Legal Theories 

The strength of your case is crucial for legal lending companies to approve your loan for litigation financing. A solid legal theory with potentially multiple angles and alternatives to arguing your case will be extremely valuable. This will contribute to help a litigation financier believe in your lawsuit and see it as a good investment opportunity. 

Solid Evidence 

If the evidence that you have built your case around is not solid, your case might not be considered as a good investment by a litigation financier. This is a direct consequence of the legal lending terms which state that the financier will only get paid out of the settlement when 

you conclude the lawsuit. Thus make sure your case is supported by robust, undeniable evidence, as it will contribute towards determining the risk profile of your case. 

Good Track Record 

Having a good track record shows that you know what you are doing. Litigation funding companies do a rigorous background check on a lawsuit they see as a potential investment. A good track record of a lawyer reflects their abilities when assessing a case. As you are key in winning the lawsuit, realizing that they are dealing with a reputable lawyer will give you the vote of confidence. Knowing that their investment is in good hands they will see a return out of the settlement. 

How Do I Apply 

Do you have a client with a winning case, and need litigation funding help to alleviate the financial burden? Our application process is straightforward and designed to get the application approved as soon as possible. As soon as it is approved we can send the litigation funding in the form of a cash advance to you within 24 hours. 

Call Tribeca Lawsuit Loans on 866-388-2288 or fill out the online form.


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