and had a problem, lots of problems with fake application submissions, contact form spam, and other SQL injection attacks. With the help of Cleantalk we were able to filter out the chaff and allowed us to concentrate on the wheat.
The integration was simple, a WordPress plugin that automajically works! We receive weekly notifications via email and we can review to see if there are any false positives. What I have found is that the error message presented to the applicants allows real humans to correct and apply successfully. And the reports provide a valuable insight to just how many sources of compromised systems there are out there pumping out spam and attacks. The reports also reveal webhosts who are borderline Blackhat, I cross reference the corresponding IP at and can see that some sources have a very long history leaving me to believe that the webhost is incompetent, ignorant, and/or lazy and I have no time for any of that!
I can ready recommend Cleantalk without hesitation, they have saved Tribeca Lawsuit Loans hundreds of man-hours from the wasted time staff had to filter through fake leads, spam, and other spammer/scammer distractions. The return on the investment is immense and the cost of the service is minimal.