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Whistle blower/Qui Tam/False Claims Acts

All About Whistleblower Lawsuit Loans Are you a whistleblower? That's a person who's exposed an individual or a company for defrauding the government -- and has been damaged for it. If you're a whistleblower who's been fired or otherwise unfairly punished for doing your civic duty, you've probably been advised to sue the [...]

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Auto Accidents

Consider a Loan on Your Motor Vehicle Lawsuit You've been in a car accident. It was the other driver's fault. Perhaps you've been injured. Your car, bike or motorcycle has been damaged. Maybe you can't get to work. The expenses start to pile up. So you sue, and your lawyer tell you that you [...]

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Employment Law

About Employment Law Lawsuit Loans You've been unfairly suspended or fired. Or passed over for the promotion you deserve. Or otherwise treated unfairly at work. Your attorney assures you that you have an excellent case, but you have to be patient. These kinds of cases take time, especially if you want to see an [...]

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Labor law

Why You Should Consider a Labor Law Lawsuit Loan You've been injured on the job. You're owned workers compensation or other payments, but you're not seeing a penny of the money you're owed. Meanwhile, you can't work and your medical expenses pile up. So you bring lawsuit against the parties responsible, [...]

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