California Labor Laws

California Labor Laws

Violating labor and employment laws occur more frequently than are generally reported. This is because other than obvious violations like discrimination, workplace harassment, and unfair dismissal, a lot of employees are not aware of other employment rights. Falling victim to unjust employers can leave you exposed to them not upholding minimum wage, not paying overtime, or allowing rest breaks. Some employers might even stop or discourage employees from requesting leave or falsely classifying employees as exempt or as independent contractors.

Taking measures into your own hands and starting a Labor Lawsuit in California might leave you exposed to financial hardship. Even when the California Labor Law is with you, enduring a trial when having lost your job, might feel impossible. When your main worry is paying your bills and avoiding eviction, funding an expensive lawsuit is the last thing on your mind. However, with a  pre-settlement labor lawsuit Loan, this can be taken care of.

California Labor Law Specifics

The United States has federal and state-specific laws that protect an employee. For instance, to ensure anti-discrimination practices are upheld across the nation, federal law states that an employer can not fire you based on your race, gender, age, gender orientation, religious or political persuasion, or any mental or physical disability. Being the most protective and inclusive state, California Labor Laws states that it is also a violation to fire you on grounds of your military or marital status, and your medical or genetic information cannot be grounds of you losing your job.

The California Labor Law states that if you have been fired on the basis of false reasons, or that your legal rights have been violated by the employer, you have the right to start a wrongful termination claim. In California, the time limit to start a legal claim, also known as The Statute of Limitation, varies depending on your claim. Wrongful termination claims have a 2-year deadline, harassment or discrimination cases have a 1-year deadline and as a union member, you only have 6 months to start your claim against your employer and your union for not representing you fairly. 

Other California Labor Law 2019 / 2020 Facts are;

Minimum Wage under 26 (2019) $11
Minimum Wage over 26 (2019) $12
Minimum Wage under 26 (2020) $12
Minimum Wage over 26 (2020) $13
Ban the Box Requesting criminal history information is against the law.
Salary History Requesting salary history information is against the law.
Harassment Training All supervisors need to get mandatory training.
Paid Family Leave Paid Family Leave for 6 weeks at 60-70% regular wages.
Overtime Any hour worked over 8 in one day.
Double Overtime Any hour worked over 12 in one day.
The data in the table has been sourced from California Labor Laws 2019.

No repayments until you see your settlement

When taking out a pre-settlement Loan for your Employment Lawsuit of Labor Lawsuit, Tribeca Lawsuit Loans will support you all the way. Tribeca will not expect any repayments until you see your Labor Lawsuit Settlement. And in case you lose your lawsuit, you will not be expected to repay anything. This is called a non-recourse loan. Which is the opposite of a traditional loan where you will always be liable to repay the principal together with the interest.

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