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Dog bites are far more serious than many people may realize. Injuries due to dog bites can lead to loss of limb, paralysis, long recovery times, and even death in some cases. While victims of these attacks deserve compensation, often the owner of the dog will fight to pay as little as possible, prolonging a lawsuit even as the injured person’s medical and personal bills pile up.

Legal funding, also known as lawsuit loans or pre-settlement funding, is a way to get money in the present moment while you wait for the full settlement or jury award you truly deserve. Tribeca Lawsuit Loans can provide up to $1 million to clients in need, depending on the facts of your case.

You May Be Eligible for a Larger Dog Bite Lawsuit Loan than You Realize

The amount of legal funding we provide you depends on the facts of your lawsuit. This is because repayment comes directly out of your eventual settlement or jury award package. Claimants who are in line to earn higher amounts of compensation at the end of their case are eligible for larger loans.

Dog bite lawsuits are more prevalent and result in more compensation than many people think. QuoteWizard analyzed claim reports from State Farm, the Insurance Information Institute, and the American Veterinary Medical Association, finding that dog bites:

  • Have resulted in over $802 million in compensation packages in 2019
  • Averaged in value at around $43,000

Four-quarters of a billion dollars was paid to victims in 2019 alone. While Tribeca is able to provide our clients with small loans of a minimum of $500, this information makes it far more likely that you will be eligible for more in your dog bite case.

Factors that Influence How Much Dog Bite Pre-Settlement Funding We Can Provide

We can’t give you a flat figure on how much you’ll be eligible for in the way of dog bite legal funding until we learn more about your situation. The application form will inquire about data like:

  • How long your lawsuit is expected to last
  • The total value of your damages
  • Any issues regarding liability (for example, being barred from recovery due to contributory negligence laws)
  • The estimate of your eventual settlement or jury award amount

Dog Bite Lawsuit Loans Are Safe for You

Tribeca provides exclusively non-recourse funding. This means that you are not considered personally liable for the lawsuit loan you receive. The most we can take as repayment is the agreed-upon portion of your compensation package at the conclusion of your claim.

  • NO payment comes from your personal bank account or finances.
  • NO property serves as seizable collateral, except for the agreed-upon portion of your compensation.
  • NO repayment is necessary if you lose your lawsuit.

Yes, you read that right. Your personal finances remain untouched by us, and you don’t have to pay us back if you lose your case. If you win your lawsuit, your attorney will simply write us a check for the repayment amount out of your compensation package, and you will keep the rest!

Do I Need Good Credit to Get Dog Bite Legal Funding?

Tribeca does not need to know your financial history or your credit score to lend. We cannot get payment back through your finances, only your settlement. All you need is a strong case and a lawyer helping you with your suit.

You also don’t have to worry about your credit record if you lose your dog bite case. As we said, NO repayment is necessary if you lose and we cannot punish you by dinging your credit if this happens. That would be completely unfair to you.

Your financial situation or past does not matter in our lending decisions, so we will never ask you embarrassing financial questions before applying. Try getting that treatment from a traditional lender!

What Are Your Interest Rates?

In general, the stronger your case is, the better your interest rate will be. Tribeca only charges simple interest on ALL of our loan offers. Your rate will not vary, nor will it compound. This makes it incredibly easy to calculate how much you’ll pay back when you win.

This is important because some of our competitors do not follow these policies! If your case drags out, you could pay back far more than you expected. In truly bad cases, you could end up with nothing at the end of your case.

Don’t take that risk. Stick with Tribeca Lawsuit Loans and our guaranteed simple interest rate for all our legal funding options, including dog bite cases. For more information about this, see our rates page.

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