Five Common Lawsuits That Qualify For Legal Funding

Five Common Lawsuits That Qualify For Legal Funding

When you’ve been in an accident or injured because of another person’s actions, there is a lot to think about afterward. Should you hire an attorney? What are your chances of getting a favorable settlement? And most importantly, how will you pay for it? For some people, knowing that a lawsuit can exceed $10,000 is enough to prevent taking legal action altogether. Others have to settle quickly because they run out of finances. But with assistance from loans against lawsuit settlements, it is possible to wait for a favorable settlement without going bankrupt. If you have one of these five lawsuits, you’re eligible for legal funding.

Auto Accidents

Thousands of auto accidents happen in the US each day. Many result in death or serious injuries. Therefore, a car accident is one of the most common types of injury that attorneys help people seek settlements for. 

Car accident claim totals are valued based on the injured party’s pain and suffering. This includes past medical expenses and ongoing medical treatment. Accident cash advances can help you get the full value of your claim. This is because they give you the financial means to see your case through, rather than being forced to settle for less.

Jones Act (Maritime) Cases

In addition to roadways, ships are common places for accidents. Maritime accidents are often complicated, and they require a skilled attorney who understands their merits. Common accidents that lead to maritime cases are failure of employers to train employees, injuries due to improperly maintained equipment, and injuries due to spilled oil, grease, and chemicals. If you think you might have a maritime case, find a lawyer who practices in maritime law here:

Medical Malpractice

Nationwide, medical malpractice cases are a major source of legal funding requests. Medical malpractice lawsuits arise when someone has been injured by the negligent practices of a medical professional. To file a claim, the injured party must demonstrate that there was a doctor-patient relationship, that the doctor was negligent, and that the physician’s negligent actions caused the patient’s injury. Since these cases are often multi-faceted and complex, they may take some time to settle.

Burn Injuries

Burn lawsuits are initiated when a person has been burned by the negligent or malicious acts of another person. Examples of burn injury cases are an explosion at a gas station, an explosion at a person’s workplace due to electrical or mechanical malfunctions, and the inadequacy of emergency exits and smoke alarms in a public venue, such as a theater or nightclub.

Civil Rights

Civil rights cases arise when a person threatens to or actually does use force against another person based on race or sexual orientation. Civil rights cases often require filing a federal complaint before they are heard in private court. Since these cases can continue for a long time, legal funding certainly helps offset the cost.

These cases are examples of common lawsuits where settlement funding is provided. However, many more lawsuits are eligible for pre-settlement financing too! To see if your case qualifies, check with an attorney who specializes in your area of law. He or she will be able to help you look for funding and obtain it quickly if you are eligible.

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