How to Get a Lawsuit Settlement Loan

How to Get a Lawsuit Settlement Loan

how to get a lawsuit settlement loan

Being a part of a lawsuit settlement is business as usual for insurance companies, but it’s not for consumers. When you are the victim of an accident, malpractice, or discrimination that disrupts your cash flow, things can get tight pretty quickly. You may end up out of work, without a vehicle, or struggling to keep up with unexpected expenses by no fault of your own. Your fault or not, you need to know how to get a lawsuit settlement loan.

So how does someone get in financial trouble when they are the victim? Insurance! Insurance companies don’t like paying out any more than they have to for lawsuit settlements. To ensure a favorable outcome for the insurer, the insurance companies can use a claimant’s financial woes against them. This leverage lets insurers pressure claimants into lower payouts because they know victims often need financial relief immediately.

It probably doesn’t sound fair for insurance companies to make the claims process so tricky and drag things out. Even if you have a cut-and-dried case, getting the money you deserve could take months or even years. Most people can’t wait so long, and that’s why Tribeca Lawsuit Loans wants to show you how to get money before your settlement.

How to Get My Settlement Money Now

If you are facing unexpected medical expenses along with a loss of income after an accident, it can be hard to see a way out. There’s not much you can do to hurry the insurance claims process, and you have no idea when you’ll see your money or how much you will receive. This predicament forces many victims to compromise and take a smaller settlement now rather than a possibly more favorable one later.

Tribeca doesn’t think this obvious advantage for the insurance companies is fair for claimants who are already suffering. We want to help our customers skip the notorious insurance game of waiting and worrying by providing the financial support they need when they need it most. Read on to find out what lawsuit settlement loans are, which cases qualify, and how to get a lawsuit settlement loan faster than you may think.

What is a Lawsuit Loan?

Before we get into how to get a lawsuit settlement loan, we think you should know how they work. While our funding is technically a lawsuit loan, it’s not like the typical home and personal loans most of us have experienced. A lawsuit loan is what’s known as a non-recourse loan—funding that doesn’t have to be paid back by the customer directly.

Here are the three things you need to know:

1) A Lawsuit Loan Isn’t Really a Loan

Because Tribeca Lawsuit Loans are repaid from your lawsuit settlement, you’re never on the hook for out-of-pocket loan payments. There is no debt, no strings, and no more financial stress—only a simple interest loan at competitive rates repaid from an insurance settlement. So a lawsuit loan isn’t really a loan for you, but it is for the insurance company!

2) Lawsuit Loans Present Zero Risk

Lawsuit settlement loans are legal contracts between the lender, the claimant, and the insurance company. But the most critical difference between lawsuit loans and traditional loans is simple: Tribeca loans pose no risk for you, the claimant. Tribeca and the insurance company take on all the risks while you and your attorney work on getting the best settlement possible.

3) With a Lawsuit Loan, You Can’t Lose

In the unlikely scenario where the insurance company wins, you never lose because you owe nothing. Even if you settle for less than the amount funded, you never have to pay more than your settlement amount. Whether you’ve been in a car accident or the victim of a medical mishap, you can get a lawsuit loan for almost any type of qualifying case.

While every lawsuit is different, Tribeca works hard to ensure victims understand how to get a lawsuit settlement loan. With a 94 percent acceptance rate, your chances of getting a lawsuit loan are very high. The merits of your lawsuit case will most often be the deciding factor, so we make it easy and fast to apply. How easy? How about as easy as 1-2-3? Simply apply, have your case reviewed, and get your money right away.

What Type of Lawsuits Qualify for a Lawsuit Settlement Loan

Lawsuits come in all sizes and shapes. From an unfortunate fall at the local grocery store to retaliation for whistleblowing, Tribeca covers all the bases. While many of our customers rely on us after a motor vehicle crash, the scope of our lending ability isn’t limited to only personal injury lawsuits.

Being a victim of discrimination at your office doesn’t harm you physically, but it could harm you psychologically and, eventually, financially. Stepping up and doing the right thing only to face retaliation may not call for a doctor, but it can quickly call for some financial support. Whether physically, financially, or mentally, the damage is done, and you deserve justice.

Here are the most common lawsuit cases we typically fund:

Auto Accidents

Anytime someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident and someone else is at fault, the injured party deserves compensation. Whether you are driving, a passenger, or even walking and are injured by another vehicle, you may have a case.

Medical Malpractice

Even the most common surgery or therapy can result in injury when there is incompetence or negligence. From diagnosis to treatment, healthcare professionals are responsible for keeping you safe and when they don’t, you have the right to compensation.

Slips and Falls

Property owners are responsible for keeping their premises as safe as possible for customers, employees, and anyone else occupying the building. If you trip or fall over a hazard arising from negligence, you may have recourse if you are injured.

Workplace Injuries

Whether you work at a desk all day or behind the wheel of a backhoe, you have a right to work in a safe environment. If your employer doesn’t provide adequate training or neglects safety protocols and you are injured as a result, your employer is responsible for making things right.

Whistleblower Cases

Whistleblowing, or Qui Tam, cases involve revealing government fraud, so they are often high-stakes lawsuits. Not everyone is going to be pleased with those revelations, so if a whistleblower faces retaliation, they could have a compensation claim.

Employment Lawsuits

In a perfect world, every employee would be appraised on their merits alone. But in our less than ideal world, employment discrimination and wrongful termination are still an issue. If you experience bias at your workplace based on your age, gender, or disability, your employer is on the hook.

Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) Claims

Working in the railroad industry can be dangerous, and many states limit state workers’ recourse after an injury. FELA overrides state compensation statutes to ensure injured employees receive the compensation they deserve.

Can I Get a Loan On My Lawsuit?

If you’ve been wondering if your lawsuit qualifies for a settlement loan, you’ve come to the right place. We make getting a loan on your lawsuit completely straightforward. The factors involved with your lawsuit will carry the most weight, of course, but other than the case itself, qualifying couldn’t be much easier.

Unlike traditional loans, settlement funding from Tribeca doesn’t require a credit check or any of the other infamous red tape. Our simplified funding means only three things are required to apply for a lawsuit settlement loan:

  1. You must be 18 or older
  2. You have an active lawsuit
  3. You have an attorney

While your age and having an active lawsuit are self-explanatory, you may wonder why you have to have a lawyer. Even the seemingly most simple lawsuit can be far more complex than many claimants expect, which is reason enough to rely on legal counsel. But having an attorney also protects the parties involved because you can bet the insurance company will have a lawyer or two on their side.

Lawsuit Settlement Loans Made Easy

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans provides pre-settlement funding for a wide range of lawsuit cases. Since the application process and qualifications are so simple, your lawsuit funding could be approved with money in your bank account within 24 hours.

You shouldn’t have to play insurance company games when you’re at one of the most vulnerable points in your life. Now that you know how to get your settlement money now rather than later, you can take control of your lawsuit from a much better vantage point.

Let Tribeca help you level the playing field with a no-risk lawsuit settlement loan. Call or contact us today.

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