Lawsuit Loans

If you’re a plaintiff in a lawsuit, remember this term: “Without recourse”.

It’s legal jargon that basically means, “You don’t have to pay it back.”

The money you receive from Tribeca Lawsuit Loans isn’t really a loan at all. We’ll give you the money if we take your case on — while you’re still in the midst of your lawsuit — and only get paid back from part of the settlement funds if you win.

How it Works?

Lawsuit funding works because most plaintiffs can’t wait forever for their money. They need their money now to get back on their feet.

That’s what you’ll get. We take on all kinds of cases, including medical malpractice, sexual harassment, personal injury, product liability, an employment grievance or virtually any other kind of lawsuit.

Our legal experts will meet with your lawyers and discuss your case. If you’re offered lawsuit funding, you can feel confident of winning your case. But it doesn’t matter. You’ll be paid either way.

Please fill out our no-obligation application form and learn more about our lawsuit cash loans.

[banner-quote title=”A Law Is Valuable, Not Because It Is A Law, But Because There Is Right In It.” text=”Henry Ward Beecher”]

[banner-info title=”Cash Guaranteed” text1=”When you’re in the middle of a lawsuit there are at least two things you don’t know: whether you’ll win and when you’ll get paid if you do.” text2=”When you do business with Tribeca Lawsuit Loans it doesn’t matter how long your case takes because we’ll pay you while your lawsuit’s still pending. And you won’t have to give back a penny even if you lose.”]

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