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Are you a Massachusetts resident who’s been wronged or injured and yet unsure if you should pursue a legal action? Are you afraid that all your bills will just pile up?

Lawsuits tend to drain your financial resources, and it’s one of the reasons why some plaintiffs hesitate to file one even though they have every right to – the stress and financial burden it comes with can be really frustrating.

Fortunately, legal funding is a route that’s worth exploring. In this article, we’ll discuss what it is, its benefits, how it works in Massachusetts and if it’s something that you should consider.

Understanding Legal Funding in Massachusetts

Pre-settlement funding, or as we call it, legal funding, is a cash advance provided by funding companies to those who have suffered an injury or wrongdoing and wish to file a lawsuit. This type of contract is legal in Massachusetts.

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, a pioneer in this industry, aims to extend financial assistance to those who have rightful claims but are hesitant to pursue legal action because of the inevitable costs.

We can provide you with funds that can be utilized to manage the expenses related to the lawsuit and any other necessary costs that may arise as the case progresses in court. Some of the expenses the fund can cover include:

  • Medical Bills
  • Daily Necessities
  • Tuition Fees
  • Personal Health
  • Rental Payments
  • Groceries

Your money, your rules. Now, we understand if you’re still hesitant at this point. Maybe you’re thinking of tapping into your savings or any available credit. However, we’re here to tell you that this financial arrangement doesn’t have to come from a place of stress or pressure.

In fact, the best part about this is that it’s non-recourse. Essentially, you don’t have to pay us back if you lose your case.

Why Tribeca Lawsuit Loans is Massachusetts’ Trusted Choice

We Have Years Of Experience

For years, our team has been providing legal funding in Massachusetts and the rest of the states. We are a reputable and well-established company that has earned the trust of returning clients.

We Offer Reliable Service

With each year, we continue to grow and improve our terms. It has always been our earnest commitment to top-notch service, and that’s why our clients know they can rely on our services. They know that Tribeca will always be there to support them during challenging times.

We Have Transparent Terms

We would never leave you confused and in the dark. Here at Tribeca, we prioritize clear communication with all of our clients. We know the heavy weight of dealing with scammers and the severe impact it can have on people’s lives.

We take our work very seriously, so we provide potential clients with all the necessary information before signing an agreement with us.

We Are Dedicated and Collaborative Professionals

In line with our commitment to transparency is our dedication to collaborate with you – we’re not robots that you talk to on a screen. We are a sincere team.

Our brilliant and hardworking professionals have undergone rigorous training so they can be equipped to handle a wide range of cases.

We Listen To Your Specific Needs

Every case is unique, and we adjust accordingly to your specific case. We also strive to do our best to actively support our clients to achieve a successful and harmonious relationship.

No problem is too complicated or too big for Tribeca. We’re here to listen.

The Legal Landscape of Massachusetts: What You Need to Know

In Massachusetts, legal funding is supervised for the protection of the consumers. Listed below are the rules established by the state for legal funding companies:

Disclosure Requirements

Funding companies are required to provide full transparency to the clients, and this means providing the clients with a disclosure statement that fully outlines the established terms and conditions of the funding arrangement.

It should include all necessary information related to the funding, such as the exact funding amount. It should also contain the repayment process or repayment amount as well as the other fees associated with the funding.

Statutes Of Limitations

Filing your case is subject to Massachusetts’ statutes of limitations, which are the deadlines that are put into place to create a reasonable time frame for filing lawsuits.

These periods depend on the type of civil claim you are attempting to file, which includes the following:

  • Injury to Person: 3 years
  • Libel Or Slander: 3 years
  • Fraud: 3 years
  • Injury to Personal Property: 3 years
  • Professional Malpractice: 3 years; maximum of 7 years (Personal Injury)
  • Trespass: 3 years
  • Collection of Rents: 3 years
  • Written Contracts: 20 years, if under seal; 6 years for others
  • Oral Contracts: 6 years
  • Collection of Debt on Account: 6 years
  • Judgments: 20 years

Comparative Negligence Doctrine

This doctrine states that an award for damages that a person who was injured or wronged (plaintiff) may receive would be lessened based on their degree of fault in the incident.

Essentially, if the plaintiff is less than 51% at fault for the accident, they can recover damages for their injuries.

The Tribeca Advantage: Why Our Legal Funding Stands Out

There are various companies in Massachusetts that offer legal funding. However, there are also several reasons why you should choose Tribeca Lawsuit Loans:

Hassle-Free Application Process

You can easily access our online application form on our website and complete it in just a few minutes. All you have to do is provide us with the necessary details associated with your case.

Generally, they are:

  • Contact information of your lawyer;
  • Medical records;
  • Police report, if applicable;
  • Insurance information;
  • Other relevant documents.

Quick Approval Process

We at Tribeca strive to provide help to our clients as quickly as possible. Once you’ve submitted your application form, our team will proceed to review the details of your case and evaluate whether or not you are eligible for the funding.

If your case is considered qualified, our team can provide a decision in as little as 24 hours.

Complete Transparency

We understand how stressful lawsuits can be, and we at Tribeca seek to unburden some of that stress, which is why we ensure our clients that we will discuss our terms with complete transparency.

You won’t ever be left in the dark or confused about our financial arrangement. Our team of professionals will guide you and will be there to answer all your questions.

Competitive Rates

Due to desperate situations, those who have been wronged or injured may fall prey to scammers, loan sharks, and unlicensed providers. The legal funding industry has all of them.

Aside from charging you with sky-high rates, these dubious providers can’t give you any assurance that your interests will be protected. At Tribeca, we can ensure that we will provide you with the lowest interest rates for your lawsuit loan.

Simple Repayment Process

We understand the risks of losing a case, so if by any chance the judgment is not in your favor, you do not have to repay us anything.

Our legal funding contract is a non-recourse arrangement, so you will only be obligated to repay us if you win your lawsuit.

How to Apply for Legal Funding with Tribeca in Massachusetts

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans offers an efficient and competent legal funding process for our clients residing in Massachusetts. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how it works:


The first step you need to take is to complete our online application form. This will provide us with the necessary information regarding your case. Our application process is simple and can be completed within a few minutes.

Case Evaluation

Once you’ve completed our online application and we received it, the next step will involve our team of legal experts. They will proceed to carefully review the details of your case.

In terms of eligibility, our team will consider certain factors such as damages, the extent of your claim, liability, and potential success to determine if you are qualified.

Approval And Funding

Once your case meets our criteria, a funding offer will be provided. If you choose to accept the offer, we will deposit the funds into your account as quickly as 24 hours. Then, when you receive the money, you get to decide how to use it.


The repayment of the funding relies on the settlement or judgment of your case. If your case is settled successfully in your favor, the funding, along with any other agreed-upon fees, will be repaid from the settlement.

You don’t have to worry about agents who will harass you or call you non-stop. We don’t directly collect the payment from you.

Case Progress Monitoring

Here at Tribeca, we value good communication with our clients. Our team will keep in touch with you and your attorney throughout the whole process to monitor the progress of your case, and if deemed necessary, we can provide more funding for any unexpected costs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Massachusetts Legal Funding

How Long Does It Take To Receive Funding?

It’s always our hope that you don’t come to us as a last resort, but in case there’s an extreme urgency for our service, we strive to provide financial assistance quickly to our clients in need.

We are dedicated to providing funding decisions in less than 24 hours, and the money will be sent to your account within the same timeframe.

Do I Need To Hire A Lawyer In Massachusetts?

It’s always best to hire a lawyer for your case so there can be a professional by your side who can navigate the state’s legal system with ease.

On our end, we will work closely with your legal counsel as soon as you start your application. Our team and your lawyer will work tirelessly for your best interests.

Contact Tribeca Lawsuit Loans for Your Massachusetts Legal Funding Needs

Here at Tribeca, we are dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality service and reputable professionals to handle your case. We believe that everyone has the right to seek a fair settlement, and no financial issue should hinder you from it.

Moreover, the advantages of legal funding go beyond providing money when you need it. It’s all about reducing your risks and creating a fair playing field as you go up against powerful people and companies with deep pockets.

We provide a secure and worry-free solution for obtaining the funds you require – we can be your lifeline during this challenging time.

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