About Medical Device Lawsuit Loans

You’ve gone through enough pain and discomfort with the faulty medical device implanted in your body. You shouldn’t have to go through even more torment awaiting an eventual cash settlement.

And yet that’s all too often what happens. Your legal case might drag on through the system for months or even years while you continue to struggle to pay your bills and keep a roof over your head. After all, your medical procedure wracked up expenses and made you miss work. It might have even cost you your job — in addition to all of those sleepless nights in physical pain. You deserve to be fairly compensated.

That’s why Tribeca Lawsuit Loans offers financial settlement loans for medical device lawsuit plaintiffs like you. Whether you’ve suffered due to defective birth control devices or transvaginal mesh, IVC filters, joint replacement hardware or any other faulty device, you can qualify for financial credit secured through the settlement of your lawsuit.

How it Works

Our financial settlement loans are available to those who’ve gotten lawyers to agree to take their cases. Just tell us about your case and it’s likely that you’ll qualify for a loan. If you do, you’ll never pay upfront fees and you’ll get your money within 24 hours of our approval.

Your case might take years to reach settlement — and that’s for the best. Fast settlements are usually for less money than you deserve. When you secure a medical device loan through Tribeca, you can afford to wait for a more generous settlement.

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Our staff is on hand 24/7 to take your call, answer your questions, clearly explain our terms and process your loan request. Simply call us at (phone number) or visit us online at (link).

You’ve suffered enough. It’s time to secure financial relief and start the healing process. Call Tribeca Lawsuit Loans today.