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Premises Liability

When landlords of commercial and residential properties fail to uphold safety standards, it can put your health at risk. It is your legal right to sue them as you are protected under the premise liability laws. People facing Premise Liability Cases are often in a very tricky situation, as due to the physical injury they are unable to work, and in some circumstances, they will have lost their jobs because of it. 

Facing the financial stress of a lawsuit, on top of physical and emotional pain is too big to bear for most of us. Pre-settlement cash advances are offered by Tribeca Lawsuit Loans to help you through this financial hardship so you can focus on getting better. 

Call us now on 866-388-2288 and get a no-obligation, free of charge legal funding assessment. Tribeca has a 24-hour turnover, in which it can have your bank account credited with a pre-settlement loan. 

What are Premise Liability Cases?

Residential and commercial premises, such as supermarkets, gas stations, shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels, are subject to health and safety standards to keep tenants and the general public safe. When they fail in upholding the regulations you can hold them accountable for any injuries you sustained because of their negligence. 

Certain circumstances make it very obvious that the property owner was negligent. The more apparent the unsafe environment is the stronger your case will be. When essential structures, like fire escapes, balconies and sidewalks, are faulty or defective, it could put your life at risk. A slip and fall incidence at a public poolside can cause head injury, or in the worst-case scenario drowning. You could be hit in the head by a falling object. When security is lacking, or sub-standard building materials have been used, these are all evidence of negligence of the property owner. As well as any violations of the Building Code, i.e. not testing for asbestos and lead in older materials, installing vents that lead into an attic, and not having a permit to perform the work.

Injuries from these Premise Liability Cases can be devastating. A slip and fall incident can cause not only knee injuries but also more severe head injuries. This entitles you to a slip and fall settlement.

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans Application Process

The application process will take a couple of minutes to initiate. Following this, case details will be confirmed with your lawyer, and the legal funding will immediately be transferred into your bank account. The entire process will up to 24 hours.

How much legal funding can I get?

The amount of legal funding depends on the severity of the injuries you sustained. The more severe the injuries, the higher the settlement will ultimately be that a jury awards to you. Meaning, if you are suffering a concussion with permanent brain damage following the collapse of scaffolding you will get more money than if you have an ankle sprain from a slip and fall settlement. 

Why are Tribeca Lawsuit Loans Risk-free?

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans is a lawsuit lending company, the structure of these loans are to protect plaintiffs from even more financial hardship. A traditional loan needs to be paid back no matter what, this is called recourse. Where it is the legal right to ask for repayment. Pre-settlement loans also known as legal funding are non-recourse, meaning the lender has no legal right to ask for repayment if the plaintiff lost their case. Thus, they will be protected and not liable to repay their loan. Only when the plaintiff has received will they need to pay the principal and interest back to Tribeca Lawsuit Loans.


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