Product Liability Lawsuit Loans

You or a family member have been injured by a defective consumer or industrial product or vehicle, or perhaps a pharmaceutical drug or medical device. So you get a lawyer and sue the parties responsible.

So far so good. Except that product liability lawsuits can drag through the American court system for years. You’re likely to win a handsome settlement…eventually…but you must live your life in the meantime. With medical expenses and household bills to pay. You need money — now. Not eventually.

That’s why Tribeca Lawsuit Loans provides lawsuit cash loans for individuals who have good cases, but won’t see a settlement for quite some time.

No-Risk Loans

Tribeca is a highly respected financial lawsuit funding company. We offer cash loans secured by pending lawsuits for product liability and other causes. We don’t care about your annual income or credit history when you apply for a loan. All that matters is that you have a legal case that’s likely to result in a financial payoff. We’ll talk with your lawyers and consider offering you a loan against that eventual settlement if we think you have a solid case.

But what if we’re wrong? What if you don’t win your case and there is no settlement? Don’t worry. If you lose your product liability case, you won’t ever have to pay the loan back. That’s on us.

We’ll charge you no upfront fees for the loan and you won’t wait long for your money. You can receive your funds as fast as 24 hours after approval. We have staff on hand 24/7 to take your call, answer your questions, clearly explain our terms and process your loan request.

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