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Whether you are in dispute with a private party or government agency, whether the argument is because of a physical injury or based on discrimination, it takes money to get the justice you deserve. Tribeca Lawsuit Loans in Phoenix understand both the importance of funding a lawsuit and the deep need for legal justice.

Our team provides loans to those who need financial help before they can get access to their settlement. Whether your lawsuit is in progress or you have received your verdict, our team is here to ensure that you get access to your money without the wait. In as little as 24 to 24 hours, you can have the cash you need.

How to Get a Lawsuit Loan in Phoenix

You can apply for a lawsuit loan in Phoenix by completing our application form. In order to complete your application, we’ll need some basic information about your pending lawsuit. This includes:

  • Details about your case and case type
  • Your state of residence
  • The contact information for you and your legal representative
  • How much money you’re seeking from your lawsuit

This is all the information that we need. When applying for a Phoenix lawsuit loan, you don’t need to worry about your finances. We don’t ask for financial documents or conduct credit checks.

Our loans work a little differently than traditional loans in that they’re non-recourse, meaning you’re not financially liable for the money you receive. You pay back your lawsuit loan in Phoenix through the settlement you eventually win. If you don’t win your settlement, you can keep the money you received. You won’t have to pay us back a single penny for anything.

What Does a Phoenix Lawsuit Loan Do?

A lawsuit loan gives clients peace of mind. Because the lawsuits can take years to resolve, plaintiffs have a hard time finding financial stability. Legal funding in Arizona allows you to cover your expenses while you wait for your case to be completed.

Our goal is not to hand out loans with compounded high-interest rates. We want our clients to thrive and use the money as a way to free up stress and anxiety in their life. We provide a flat rate interest fee, which is negotiated with your attorney. We are in the business of getting you access to your money, not getting you more in debt.

How Can I Use My Legal Funding in Phoenix?

We don’t stipulate how you can use your loans. This is your money, and you are free to spend it.

Here are few reasons why people look for lawsuit loans:

  • Pay for mortgage or rent
  • Pay car payment or insurance
  • Medical treatment
  • Medications
  • Home renovations to accommodate disabilities
  • Pay credit cards
  • Pay mechanic for vehicle damage
  • Pay for property damage

We are here to help you find financial stability during a time of instability. We are careful to assess your situation and not over-promise money that will not be covered with your settlement. Once your lawsuit is resolved, your attorney will write us a check for the agreed-upon repayment price, and the rest is yours.

In addition, the team here at Tribeca will never try and restrict you on how you choose to use the money you receive. Our number one goal is to help you win the settlement you deserve by retaking control of your financial situation. The list above is just what most personal injury victims use their Phoenix settlement loans for. That doesn’t mean you’re restricted to just those expenses.

How Do You Find a Good Phoenix Lawsuit Loan Lender?

Many lenders will attempt to lure you with promises of fast cash. That is not us. Here are some warning signs to watch out for when looking for lawsuit loans:

  • Does the lender talk with your attorney?
  • Does the lender discuss any hidden fees?
  • Does the lender provide an overly complicated contract with hard-to-read sections?
  • Does the lender over-promise without any real conversation about how it works?

When looking for a loan, the victim or plaintiff searches for financial help because lawsuits are burdensome. Some lawsuit loan lenders will prey upon the desperation of people in tight situations. We do not do that.

Our team members at Tribeca in Phoenix make your financial situation our priority. We do this by involving your attorney. Your legal team understands your situation and the estimated path of your situation the best. We try to be as transparent as possible without a complicated application process or repayment process.

What if I’m Not in the Phoenix Area?

Tribeca has you covered if you’re looking for legal funding or lawsuit loans near you. You don’t have to only be in Phoenix to qualify for one of our loans. Our team can service personal injury victims throughout the state of Arizona. We encourage everyone in Arizona to apply for one of our loans, and our team members will assist you.

How Can a Phoenix Lawsuit Loan Help Me?

The main way a Phoenix lawsuit loan can assist you is by helping you win the settlement you rightfully deserve from the insurance company. One important thing to always remember is that insurance companies are never on your side. They will do anything they legally can to ensure that you get the bare minimum in compensation so they can protect their bottom line.

One of the most common ways insurance companies do this is by stalling legal proceedings. They know that financial obligations don’t cease just cause you to get injured or are unable to work. They exploit that by delaying the settlement process and thus delaying you from getting the cash you need. This makes you more likely to quickly settle for a small amount.

With a Phoenix lawsuit loan, you can continue to stay in the fight by covering all of your bills and expenses accordingly. You can afford to wait as long as you have to with virtually no risk at all to you. Remember, our lawsuit loans in Phoenix are non-recourse and are essentially risk-free. Never settle for anything less than the full amount of compensation you’re owed.

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