Surprise Lawsuit Loans

It’s great to know that you have a lawsuit you’re likely to win. It’s not so great to wait for your case to finish. Bills can pile up quickly and many of your creditors want their money now, not later. Tribeca has a solution.

If you live in Surprise, Arizona, we have a lawsuit loan program just for you. Our company provides pre-settlement funding in Surprise for lawsuits throughout the state and the nation. You can get part of your settlement money now and stop the creditors.

Who Is Eligible for a Lawsuit Loan in Surprise?

Unlike most loan programs, who you are isn’t part of our eligibility process! Our decision to extend Surprise pre-settlement funding to you depends on your case. As a non-recourse lender, the only way we get paid back is through your settlement.

This means we’ll never ask you standard (and embarrassing) loan questions like:

  • Your employment status
  • Your pay history
  • Your credit history
  • Your financial assets

Instead, we want to hear about the strength of your case, the amount of money you’re likely to receive, how long your case will last, and similar things. We get some of that from you, but most of it we get from your lawyer.

Rules for Lawsuit Loans in Surprise, Arizona

Arizona law has rules that regulate our market to protect consumer rights. For example, Arizona Senate Bill 1403 states that lenders must have full licensure as a legal funding lender and set a maximum interest rate amount.

As a nationwide lender, we pay close attention to all the relevant rules and laws for each state and at the federal level. We also adhere to current industry best practices. We would not be in business as long as we have been if we didn’t do this!

When we make an offer to you, we will clearly spell out the terms of the contract and answer questions you have, including those about our rates. Tribeca looks forward to helping you get the money you need but also wants to make sure you’re clear about all the terms. It’s only fair!

How Long Does It Take to Get Legal Funding in Surprise?

Tribeca can get you funding in as little as 24 hours, depending on your case. Most cases qualify for 24-hour financing! If your case is more complicated, we will need to speak with your lawyer to get details about your situation.

For longer cases, most funding decisions are made within one week of your application. Sometimes the delay is because we’re waiting to hear back from your lawyer. It’s a good idea to speak with them about your decision to get a lawsuit loan so they can be prepared for our call.

Once we have crunched our numbers and you agree to one of our lawsuit loan offers, the money can get deposited into your account the next day. Then you can use the money to pay off creditors, pay for living expenses, or whatever else you need while you wait for your suit to settle.

Apply for a Surprise Lawsuit Loan Today

Tribeca is ready to help you get a lawsuit loan wherever you live in Arizona, including the city of Surprise. Don’t let a slow case force you to make a hasty financial decision. Instead, apply for a lawsuit loan with one of the most trusted Surprise legal funding lenders in the country.

To get started, click the Apply Now button or give us a call at the number on your screen. Remember, you could have money in your account in less than 24 hours, so why wait any longer than you have to?

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