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Settlements can take months or even years to be resolved, during which time you could face immense financial pressure. If you’re waiting for a settlement, a lawsuit loan in Birmingham could provide you with the cash you need to fight for your full entitled amount.

With legal financing, you won’t have to worry about how you’ll survive with no income. You’ll have the money you need to pay your bills without having to wait for your case to settle. We can provide you with up to $1 million in legal funding within 24 hours of the approval of your application.

How Does Alabama Personal Injury Law Affect Pre-Settlement Legal Funding?

Alabama’s personal injury laws will set some limits on how much you can recover from a settlement and how much money you can obtain through pre-settlement legal funding. After an accident, you’ll only have two years to file a case before the statute of limitations sets in. Once this occurs, you’re unlikely to recover any damages if you haven’t already filed your case.

Alabama also follows a pure contributory negligence law, which can prevent you from obtaining anything from your settlement if you’re found at least partially responsible for it. This will impact the amount of legal funding for which you can qualify, as the likelihood of your victory is taken into account.

What Do Birmingham Lawsuit Loans Cover?

Lawsuit loans in Birmingham can be used for a wide range of settlement cases. Some of the most common cases for which we offer legal funding are the following:

  • Personal injury
  • Car accidents
  • Product liability
  • Jones Act
  • Medical malpractice
  • Whistleblower and qui tam
  • Wrongful death

However, if your particular case isn’t listed here, we may still be able to offer you legal funding for it. Your lawsuit financing can be used to cover any of your expenses.

Once you receive your lawsuit loan, the money is yours and there are no limitations on how you can spend it. Your medical bills, rent or mortgage, grocery and utility bills, or any other living expenses you have could be covered by pre-settlement legal funding.

What Are Lawsuit Loan Fees?

Even though they’re nonrecourse, lawsuit loans still typically come with associated interest and fees. In some fases, plaintiffs can face exorbitant interest rates and fees that leave them with little from their actual settlement.

We maintain a low-cost fee structure and only use simple interest for any loans made to our clients. Other lawsuit lending companies often use compounding interest rates, which can significantly increase the amount of interest that is owed by plaintiffs. We’re not able to disclose the interest rate on your loan until you apply, but ours are some of the lowest in the industry.

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We make it easy to get the funding you need from us at a low cost. There are no credit checks, and it takes just a few minutes to apply. Contact us today, and one of our team members can answer your questions and get you the funding you need to reach your goals.

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