Bakersfield Lawsuit Loans

Between attorney’s fees and court costs, lawsuits are costly endeavors. What often makes the situation worse is a poor financial situation leading up to your litigation. Many people struggle with balancing their legal expenses with paying their normal bills.

Fortunately, you can apply for a lawsuit loan in Bakersfield to help you through your financial difficulties. A lawsuit loan is a non-recourse method of legal funding that can give you access to cash ahead of your future jury award or settlement.

How Can I Benefit from Legal Funding in Bakersfield?

There are three main benefits from legal benefits:

  1. Stress Relief
  2. No-Risk
  3. Buy Time

Pre-Settlement Funding Provides Financial Stress Relief

The average cost of a lawsuit is several thousand dollars. Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck with a little extra in their savings accounts. How can you expect to maintain your everyday living and a lawsuit?

A legal loan acts like a cash advance of your settlement or court-ordered award. We give you access to your award instead of waiting for the remaining months or years for your case to resolve.

Our Lawsuit Loans Are Non-Recourse

Accepting a legal loan from us is at no risk to you. We structure our loans as non-recourse. This means that we cannot go after you to pay back the loan if you lose your case.

If you win your case, your attorney will repay us on your behalf. If your claim doesn’t your way, you get to keep the loan amount without any penalty.

A Legal Loan in Bakersfield Can Help You Hold Out Longer

Many defendants will try to drag on legal proceedings to increase the plaintiff’s costs, which they then use to negotiate for a smaller settlement.

A legal loan can help give your case the financial boost it needs to buy more time in discovery or negotiations. Pre-settlement funding gives your legal team the push it needs to press the defendants harder for a better financial outcome for you.

What Kind of Credit Score Do I Need to Be Approved for Pre-Settlement Funding in Bakersfield?

Because our pre-settlement funding is dependent on whether you win, we do not need a credit score. Your lawsuit does not depend on your credit score, so we do not either.

We assess the information you provide about your attorney, type of lawsuit, length of the lawsuit, and projected compensation. This helps us determine if we should issue you a lawsuit loan, and what amount would be best for your unique situation.

How Do I Apply for a Lawsuit Loan in Bakersfield?

The application process is free and simple and can be started entirely online. Once you fill out the information, one of our talented staff members will start processing it. Our staff works remotely, and we have open communication with clients and future clients 7-days a week.

When Can I Expect Cash in My Account from a Lawsuit Loan?

We try our best to commit to a quick turnaround. Once you are approved and all the contracts are finalized, you can find money in your account in as little as 24 hours.

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