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Lawsuits are expensive for many reasons. First, a good attorney charges a lot more than some who are starting. Second, an attorney files and uses resources to maintain your lawsuit, which also costs money. Third, lawsuits last a long time. Whether your suit is resolved in months or years, every time your attorney touches your case, it is going to cost you money.

We are here to help you out of your financial woes. Our lawsuit loans in Chula Vista can help you pay your bills and your attorney by letting you borrow against your settlement.

How Can a Lawsuit Loan Help Me Financially?

Our legal funding in Chula Vista is a simple, low-risk way to get cash sooner than waiting for your case to resolve. Here is how we work:

Our Pre-Settlement Funding in Chula Vista Is Non-Recourse

Our lawsuit loans are low risk because we categorize them as non-recourse loans. A non-recourse loan is a type of loan that means that we take on all the risk. The repayment of the loan is dependent on whether you win your case.

We take the risk because if you do not win your case, you do not pay us back.  We get our loan money back when you win your case.

We Provide Simple Interest Loans

Other loans commonly use compound interest. Compound interest is when a loan provider regularly adds interest to your principal. That added money to your principle is then also charged interest.

Simple interest is a flat rate fee that does not compound on top of your new principal. The rate you pay is always taken from your original principal.

Your Lawyer Pays Us on Your Behalf

When you win your case, the judge will send your award to your attorney. Your attorney oversees dispersing the amount of your settlement. Your attorney will pay the law firm and then us, while the remainder goes to you.

We never seek payment out of your pocket for your lawsuit loan. Your attorney will take care of it from the award you receive at the end of your claim.

When Can I Apply for a Legal Loan?

You can apply at any time during your lawsuit journey. From beginning to near the end, we can service your financial needs. The application process is easy. We require four pieces of information:

  1. Your attorney contact information
  2. The timeline of your lawsuit
  3. The predicted value of your lawsuit
  4. The type of lawsuit

This is all we need to start our research and see how we can best serve you. We use this information to assess how much we can offer you and what interest rate. Because every story is different, we do not like to promise cookie-cutter options. We want to curate our loans to cater to your needs because your needs are unique.

What Type of Lawsuit Is Eligible for Pre-Settlement Funding in Chula Vista?

If you’ve filed a civil action or you’re working with a lawyer to do so, you’re likely eligible to receive pre-settlement funding with us. We’ve worked with more than 1,600 clients and loaned more than $45 million for people with cases dealing with:

Even if your lawsuit type is not on the list, our loan specialists may be able to help you.

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