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When you file a lawsuit due to a personal injury in California, that is only the first step in what often is a long, drawn-out process. The defendant, insurance companies, and their attorneys will do everything they can to prolong the case by digging and delaying.

This is why Daly City lawsuit loans can be vital for plaintiffs to support them financially during this arduous experience. Here at Tribeca, our team of professionals will help you get started in the right direction with a lawsuit loan, pre-settlement.

How Daly City Lawsuit Loans Can Help in Car Accident Cases

Car accidents make up most of the personal injury claims in the San Francisco Bay area each year. In 2018, traffic accidents led to 48 deaths for every 100,000 people in California (an increase from the previous year), making this the number one cause of unintentional deaths.

Nearly 200,000 fatal and injury traffic crashes happened in 2017 in California; that’s 1 out of every 73 drivers.

These statistics also make it a crisis for those accident victims who need to file a personal injury lawsuit to get reimbursed for any damages, both physical and mental. For these personal injury lawsuit cases that normally take a long time until settlement, our lawsuit loan professionals at Tribeca can help plaintiffs secure a cash advance to support them financially.

How Daly City Lawsuit Loans Can Help in Bicycle Accident Cases

There has also been an increase in bicycle accidents throughout California, with 145 fatalities in 2017 and 165 in 2018. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a total of 11,116 cyclists were injured on California streets in 2017.

Victims of bicycle accidents are particularly vulnerable because of more serious bodily injuries due to increased exposure versus the force of an oncoming vehicle. In the San Francisco area, there are reportedly more dangerous intersections for pedestrians and cyclists than others.

A study made by the United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration reported that:

  • Nearly one-fourth of bicyclists injured in bicycle-wreck wrecks are hospitalized.
  • Common injured areas include the chest, back, abdomen, pelvis and lower back.
  • And 55 percent of injuries are to a bicyclist victim’s legs, which can include road rash, broken bones, even torn knee ligaments.

If you are a victim of a bicycle accident as a result of a negligent driver, have filed a lawsuit, and have hired an attorney, you could be eligible for pre-settlement funds. Our team of legal funding specialists have helped countless clients secure funds through Daly City lawsuit loans and can do the same for you.

How Daly City Lawsuit Loans Can Help In Pedestrian Accidents

In 2021 alone, there have been six fatalities reported of pedestrians crossing San Francisco streets, including one 12-year-old who was hit on his skateboard. According to Walk San Francisco, on average, 30 people are killed and nearly 600 are severely injured on city streets each year, with pedestrians making up the largest share of victims from that number. A combination, they say, of poorly designed intersections and aggressive drivers. Since 1998, Walk SF has advocated for safe streets throughout the San Francisco Bay area.

About 38 percent of these pedestrian injuries occur in the neck, face or head, including:

  • Shoulder displacement
  • Vertebrae injuries
  • Neck pain/injuries
  • Jaw fractures
  • Skull damage
  • Lacerations
  • Concussions

Although we cannot redesign dangerous streets or treat your injuries, we can help you get the maximum compensation you deserve if you are a plaintiff suffering from injuries sustained from a pedestrian traffic accident. Our Daly City Lawsuit loans at Tribeca have helped clients, like you, through this difficult time by providing the pre-settlement cash you need to ultimately fight for your case and pay for the burden of medical bills.

How Daly City Lawsuit Loans Can Help You

Daly City lawsuit loans here at Tribeca can provide up to $1 million in pre-settlement funds for our clients. The amount just depends on a few factors from your case, which we will discuss with your attorney:

  • The length that your lawsuit is expected to last
  • The amount of compensation you are expected to receive
  • Total damages in the case
  • The percentage you are at fault in the case

All you need to do to get started is to fill out our free online application. Tell us all the facts about your case and your attorney’s contact information. If you have any questions or concerns about your potential lawsuit loan, you can reach one of the members of our Tribeca team at 866-388-2288.

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