El Monte Lawsuit Loans

Filing any lawsuit is expensive, even when you have a lawyer on contingency. You still need to pay for expenses while you negotiate. If you can’t work, then you may not make enough to run your life. Creditor tactics can push you into taking a lower settlement than you deserve. Where can you turn for help?

Tribeca’s lawsuit loans in El Monte can help you. We offer these loans to people with strong lawsuits who need a little financial boost. You can borrow against your future winnings through our El Monte pre-settlement funding programs.

How Legal Funding in El Monte Can Help You Win Your Lawsuit

Any lawyer who works in the civil court system can tell you of cases where they were close to winning, but their clients stopped the fight. They needed the money because they couldn’t handle the financial pressure anymore. Is this justice?

We don’t think so. Lawsuits should go as far as they need to go and that’s why we offer lawsuit loans in El Monte. By claiming a bit of your advance now, you can keep your life rolling until the lawsuit is over.

Insurers and big companies know they can outlast you financially and will try to drag their feet to force you to give up. Why let them get away with it? Tribeca can keep you from making a decision you’ll regret later by offering loans from $500 all the way to $1 million!

El Monte Lawsuit Loan Eligibility

It’s easy to discover if you’re eligible for a loan or not with Tribeca! There’s just two things you need to check before you apply:

That’s all we need to know to start! We don’t need to ask you anything else about your financial situation, your employer, your bank accounts, or similar things you’d hear about from a traditional lender. All that we care about is your case.

When we look at your case, we want to know how valuable it is and your chances of winning. This is why we require you to have a lawyer before considering you for a loan. They can give us that information so we can see if you qualify.

How Long Will Tribeca Take to Process My Application for Pre-Settlement Funding in El Monte?

Usually not. In fact, we can get many cases qualified in just 24 hours! After you agree to the terms, we will get the money into your account as fast as we can. That said, there are a few things that can slow down your application.

If your case is complex or has some legal difficulties that could threaten your settlement, we will take longer to process your loan application. We also must speak with your lawyer, so if they can’t be reached, that’s another problem. Be sure to talk with them so they’ll expect our call.

Another delay can happen if you have a large loan. Federal money transfer laws limit how much money can get transferred at one time. You may need to wait a few days for a larger loan to clear the waiting period.

Apply for El Monte Legal Funding for Free

Are you ready to see if your El Monte case qualifies for a lawsuit loan? Find out how much you can get by clicking the Apply Now button or calling us. Our team can be reached anytime to schedule a loan consultation.

Your application is free and there’s no obligation to take our loan offer. Tribeca only offers non-recourse loans. If you don’t win your case, you do not have to pay us back! Get the funding you need to finish your lawsuit fast.

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