Fremont Lawsuit Loans

Some settlements are resolved faster than others. When an insurance company drags their feet it can take weeks or months for your settlement to clear. Some people can afford to wait, but many others cannot.

Tribeca helps people get lawsuit loans in Fremont and other California cities to help you while you wait for your case to finish. A lawsuit loan puts some of the money from your settlement into your pocket now, money you can use for anything you need.

What Can I Use My Lawsuit Loan Money For?

The money you receive from Tribeca is the same money as you would receive from your settlement. It is not income, and it will not be taxed like income. There are no restrictions on what you use it for.

Our clients use loans from us to:

  • Pay off debts
  • Fix their vehicles
  • Pay rent, utilities, and continue with daily life
  • Buy medical equipment
  • Go on vacation
  • Investments
  • And anything else they want

We should warn you that if you use the money in a way that could generate a tax liability besides income tax, such as capital gains taxes, you may be required to pay those taxes. Speak with an accountant before investing settlement money.

What Do I Need to Get One?

Think it’s hard to get one of these loans? Think again! Getting a Fremont lawsuit loan is simple. There are two requirements to get one:

  1. Have a lawsuit or claim in process that could get you financial compensation
  2. Have a lawyer working on your case

Since lawsuit loans are not like traditional loans, we don’t ask you for any financial information. We can only get money from your settlement and only if you win your case. This is why we need to speak with a lawyer working for you to give our underwriting team what they need to approve a loan.

Not every case will qualify for a loan, and there may be circumstances that could deny you, like already having borrowed from another lender on your settlement. However, the vast majority of plaintiffs who request funding from us qualify!

What Happens After My Case?

If you lose your case and have a Fremont lawsuit loan, you have nothing to fear. We cannot come after you for the money. No creditor calls, no wage garnishments, no nasty letters in the mail.

If you win your case, then your lawyer will pay us back, plus interest, out of your settlement. Our lending contracts will clearly state how much you will need to pay us if you win. Then your lawyer will take their fee and pass the rest to you.

This means that your lawyer will handle the entire repayment process, start to finish. You get to worry about healing and let them handle wrapping up all the loose ends of your settlement. It really is that simple!

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We will ask you a few questions about your case and get permission to talk with your lawyer. Once everyone comes to an agreement, you can have the funds in your account in as little as 24 hours.

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