Irvine Lawsuit Loans

When you started your personal injury case in Irvine, your attorney probably told you s/he would work on a contingency fee, meaning they do not get paid until and unless you win your lawsuit. The same goes for us. Here at Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, we can help you get the lawsuit loan in Irvine that you need to make ends meet while you wait for your lawsuit to settle.

How a Lawsuit Loan in Irvine Can Help You

Irvine lawsuit loans are different from the regular personal loans you may be used to. First, we have a four-step application process wherein we ask you to provide:

  • The type of lawsuit you filed
  • The estimated length of time you can reasonably expect it to take for your lawsuit to settle
  • Your attorney’s contact information
  • The predicted value of the amount of compensation you will receive if you win

Unlike other loan companies, we believe in speaking with both you AND your attorney. By talking to your attorney, we can curate a personalized loan that does not burden you with more debt. Other companies may loan you more than you can repay – not us.

We Don’t Collect Unless You Win

Like an attorney working on contingency, we do not collect on the loan unless you win your case. If you take out a loan with us and ultimately lose your case, you keep the money and don’t have to pay us back.

We Don’t Perform Credit Checks

We will never ask about your personal finances. Other lawsuit loan companies or personal loan companies need your credit score and financial history because they use this information to determine whether you can pay them back. We do not ask for that information because you don’t pay us back – your eventual settlement will.

Once you win your lawsuit, the judge will order a portion of your compensation to go to your attorney. The attorney is then responsible for dispersing your compensation to cover their costs, our costs, and then the remainder goes to you.

We Offer Reasonable Interest Rates

We believe in taking care of our clients. That’s why we never impose high interest rates or force clients to pay back their loan amount even if they lose their cases. Getting access to pre-settlement funding in Irvine shouldn’t work to put you further in debt.

Types of Cases that Qualify for Legal Loans in Irvine

The following types of cases all qualify for legal funding in Irvine:

If your case is not on this list, don’t worry – you may still qualify. Contact us for more information.

How Soon Can You Receive the Funds?

The Irvine pre-settlement funding we provide ranges from between $500 to $1 million. In most cases, we can have the funds to you within 24 hours of your approval. We try to get the funds to you as quickly as possible so you can pay your expenses on time.

How Do You Apply for Irvine Legal Funding?

We believe in giving our clients access to legal funding in Irvine because we believe everyone deserves their day in court. From personal injury to employment cases, if you have a legal matter, we will help fund it.

Feel free to call us at (866) 388-2288 or start your free application online. Our application process is easy and our friendly staff members are standing by.

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