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If you are exploring Pomona lawsuit loans, consider Tribeca. We are an experienced Pomona legal funding provider.

We have over 10 years of pre-settlement funding experience. Our legal funding specialists can answer simple and complex legal funding questions alike.

Our team is happy to share details about all components of lawsuit loans. We make it easy to pursue legal funding whenever you choose.

What Separates Lawsuit Loans from Comparable Options?

Not all loans are created equal. Case and point: there are many differences between standard and lawsuit loans.

A standard loan comes from a bank or credit union. It lets you get money in accordance with a bank or credit union’s requirements. To receive a standard loan, you need to fill out an application. You may be required to share personal financial information during the application process. Following an application review, a lender may offer a loan quote. In the worst-case scenario, a lender may reject your loan request.

Comparatively, a lawsuit loan is a cash advance. There is no need to review your personal financial information during the legal funding application process. In fact, we look at the strength of your legal case and related factors at this time. This allows us to provide you with a loan quote in alignment with your expectations. And if you accept our loan, you do not need to repay it unless you win or settle your case.

Do I Need to Pay Back a Lawsuit Loan if I Lose My Legal Case?

As we mentioned, legal funding in Pomona does not work in the same way as a standard loan. Since Pomona pre-settlement funding is a cash advance, you are under no obligation to repay it if you lose your legal case. Conversely, a bank or credit union issues a standard loan that must be repaid at a later time. If a loan recipient fails to do so, he or she can damage their credit score. Or, this individual can face steep penalties.

We take on all of the risk with Pomona legal funding. It is one of the many reasons why plaintiffs frequently choose our pre-settlement funding over standard loans. Furthermore, we make the lawsuit loan repayment process fast and worry-free.

How Do I Pay Back a Lawsuit Loan in Pomona?

If you win or settle your legal case, you are required to pay back your lawsuit loan. At this point, you will receive a check for your case compensation. Your attorney can then deduct your loan amount from this check and repay the total.

We require you to work with a lawyer to get legal funding. This is our lone requirement for our lawsuit loans. Because, if you have a lawyer at your side, you can receive in-depth legal support for the duration of your case. Plus, your attorney ensures loan repayment is handled with care and precision.

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Get a Lawsuit Loan?

Pomona lawsuit loans are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you want to pursue legal funding, you can fill out our online application.

Our application is straightforward. It requires you to provide us with information about you and your legal case. Most clients can complete their application in minutes. And they can submit their application from any location where internet access is available.

Once you send us your lawsuit loan application, you can get a legal funding quote within one day. If you accept our quote, we send you a contract to finalize your request. After we receive your signed contract, we drop a check in the mail for your loan amount.

Should I Spend All of the Money I Receive from a Lawsuit Loan?

Financial management is key, particularly when it comes to lawsuit loans. You do not need to be a financial whiz to determine how to get the most value out of your legal funding. However, it may be a good idea to resist the urge to spend all of your pre-settlement funding at once.

Remember, you are in the midst of a legal case. Your legal funding can supplement your finances as you move forward with your case. Yet, your pre-settlement funding in Pomona can run out quickly if you do not plan ahead.

If you are uncertain about how to use your pre-settlement funding, we can assist. Our legal funding specialists can help you craft a plan to manage your lawsuit loan for as long as your case lasts.

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