Roseville Lawsuit Loans

Civil lawsuits allow plaintiffs to receive justice in the form of financial compensation after they’ve been wronged. This process can be slow, and insurers know it. A well-funded insurer can wait as long as they need to run you out of money and force you to take a lower settlement. This isn’t justice.

If you live in Roseville, California, and you are facing this situation, it’s time to contact Tribeca Lawsuit Loans. We can help you access money from your future winnings early and give you more time to force the insurer in front of a judge.

How Roseville Lawsuit Loans Work

A lawsuit loan is a type of lending that gives you money from a future settlement. It’s not like a standard loan. A more accurate term is pre-settlement funding. We give you money now and you pay us back after you win your case.

What happens if you don’t win? Then we lose. Tribeca takes on all the risk by offering non-recourse loans. If you lose your case after all, we do not have to be paid back. This is because the only collateral we’re allowed to access is your settlement. No settlement, no money for us.

If you win, your lawyer handles all the details. They will pay us back according to the contract, take out their fee, and send the rest of the money to you. If you have a strong case and a confident lawyer, it’s easy to get a lawsuit loan in Roseville.

Is Lawsuit Funding Legal in Roseville, CA?

Legal funding is another term for a lawsuit loan. This is a fairly new industry and few people know the details. Some wonder if it’s legal. Roseville lawsuit loans are legal under California law, and we are careful to follow all state and federal laws about lending to make sure it stays that way.

We also belong to lending industry organizations that enforce strict codes of conduct. Just because a loan is legal doesn’t mean it’s ethical, and we want to offer fair and ethical loans to our borrowers. Please check our page on our rates for one way we do this.

Once you have your money, you’re free to spend it however you please. It’s treated the same as if it was from your settlement. You don’t have to worry about taxes, either. Most of our borrowers use their loans to pay off creditors and continue paying living expenses while they wait for their full settlement.

Can I Get Roseville Legal Funding?

Many case types qualify for pre-settlement funding in Roseville, so long as they’re done through the civil court system. Any personal injury case will be eligible for certain, and so will many labor lawsuits.

We also require that you have a lawyer working on your case. Since we take all the risk on the loan, we want to hear an expert opinion about your chances of winning and how much you could receive. Your lawyer is the best person to ask.

Rarely, your case may not qualify even if you meet these conditions, or we may only qualify you for a smaller amount. However, we make our decisions quickly, sometimes in as little as 24 hours!

Get the Money You Need Fast with Roseville Pre-Settlement Funding

Stop waiting around for your case to finish. If you have a settlement coming, you deserve to get access to it right away. Start tapping into your winnings with Tribeca. Our team is ready to help you with your application.

Simply start by clicking Apply Now or calling us at the number on your screen. We will take down the details of your case and see if you qualify as quickly as we can. If you like our offer, we will give you the money with all speed.

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