Sacramento Lawsuit Loans

The reality is that lawsuits can become costly, and plaintiffs need help. While awaiting a favorable settlement or jury verdict, it is possible for plaintiffs to secure the money they need to help them through this process. We provide California lawsuit loans to residents of Sacramento and throughout the state.

At Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, our dedicated team of loan specialists is standing by to talk to plaintiffs and their attorneys as soon as possible. Our goal is to get them the funding they need within 24 hours after loan approval. You can contact Tribeca by clicking here and filling out our application form or calling us at (866) 388-2288.

Sacramento Lawsuit Loan Eligibility

To be eligible for lawsuit loans in the Sacramento area, you’ll need to fill out one of our application forms. Don’t worry, our applications are very easy to navigate and only ask for basic information related to you, your legal representation, and your case. Overall, it shouldn’t take too long to put everything together. If we need any more information about obtaining a Sacramento lawsuit loan near you, we’ll follow up with you or your attorney.

Are Sacramento Lawsuit Loans Legal?

Yes! Lawsuit loans in Sacramento are perfectly legal. However, you should be cautious of obtaining a lawsuit loan from an untrustworthy or unreputable lender. There are predatory lenders out there that try to exploit the situation of personal injury victims.

Tribeca is a part of the Alliance for Responsible Consumer Legal Funding and prides itself for having the main goal of helping personal injury victims get the money they need to ease their current financial situation.

What Goes into the Decision for Legal Funding in Sacramento?

The Sacramento legal funding specialists at Tribeca base their loan approval decisions on the facts of our clients’ cases. To apply and be eligible to receive a Tribeca lawsuit loan, all you need to provide us is the following information:

  • Your contact information
  • Your attorney’s contact information
  • The type of lawsuit you filed
  • Which state and city you live in
  • How much money you would like to receive

Once we are connected with your attorney and details of your case are assessed, you can gain approval for your Sacramento lawsuit loan and be sent funding in as little as 24 to 24 hours. Unlike traditional loans, you can get approved quickly for the funds you need.

We know that financial obligations are time-sensitive and our team works very hard to get fast turnaround times on all applications submitted. You can rest assured knowing that once you submit your application, we will get you a prompt answer.

Will Your Credit Score Affect Sacramento Legal Funding Decisions?

When we are making lawsuit loan decisions in Sacramento, one factor that we will not look at is a plaintiff’s credit score. In addition to not requiring a credit score for your loan application, we don’t require any other financial documents, proof, or collateral. All we need is what’s asked for on your application.

We don’t think that credit scores or past financial struggles should play any role in determining whether or not a person receives a loan while they are taking on another party who has done them wrong. After an accident, we know that you’ll likely be in a tough spot financially. That’s why your current financial status has little to no merit in our decision on your application.

Are There Particular Types of Cases That Are Eligible for Sacramento Lawsuit Loan?

If you’re seeking compensation through litigation, there is a strong chance that we may be able to help you with pre-settlement funding in Sacramento. We’ve provided legal case funding to clients pursuing claims for:

Even if your particular type of claim isn’t present above, we strongly encourage you and your attorney to contact one of our legal funding specialists for help as soon as possible so we can determine the best steps forward for your case.

When Do You Pay Back Your Lawsuit Loan in Sacramento?

Our lawsuit loans are only due after your claim has been successfully resolved through a settlement or jury verdict. When your lawyer receives payment from the defendant, your attorney will then send us the agreed-upon payback amount. The repayment is taken care of for you.

Additionally, the Sacramento settlement loans we provide to personal injury victims are considered non-recourse, which means that plaintiffs will not have to pay back a single dime in the event they are not successful with their case.

Here at Tribeca, our low interest rates are always fixed and never compounded. We will never charge you any hidden fees or make changes to your rate. Your financial history isn’t a part of what sets your interest rate, only the merits of your case, how long your trial will last, and how much compensation you’re expected to receive.

What Can You Use Your Legal Funding in Sacramento For?

Our legal funding doesn’t come with restrictions on usage. We know that our loans may be used to help cover court costs and legal fees. However, our team also understands that plaintiffs usually have a variety of other expenses that may not be directly related to the ongoing lawsuit. That is why our funding can be used on:

  • Ongoing medical expenses related to the case
  • General household out-of-pocket expenses
  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Vehicle payments
  • Credit card payments
  • Childcare expenses
  • Coverage of food or utility bills

The goal of the loan specialists at Tribeca is to ensure that plaintiffs have the money that they need to hold them over until their case reaches a successful conclusion.

What If I Need Additional Funding?

While rare, there are times when personal injury lawsuits can take much longer than originally expected. When this happens, your initial round of legal funding could run out before you settle. In this case, your situation isn’t hopeless, as you can always get more funding from Tribeca if necessary.

Applying for a second round of funding is no different than the first. Our team will review your lawsuit and various other factors surrounding your case. When you get approved, you’ll once again receive the money you need within 24 to 24 hours.

How Can Pre-Settlement Loans in Sacramento Help Me Win My Case?

As previously mentioned, the money you receive in your Sacramento lawsuit loan is critical in helping you get by while you fight for financial compensation. However, there is an additional benefit in receiving these funds aside from being able to pay for your expenses on time, and that is the ability to fight for a fair settlement.

Insurance companies love to drag out the settlement negotiation process. In doing so, they know that with each day that passes, your financial situation becomes even tougher to bear. This makes you more likely to accept a lowball settlement offer way below what you actually deserve.

With one of our pre-settlement loans, you can get the money you need fast so you can win the settlement you deserve. Never let the insurance company exploit your financial situation after an accident, and never settle for anything less than what your settlement is truly worth. Get a Sacramento lawsuit loan today and fight back against the insurance company for fair compensation!

What If I’m Not in Sacramento?

If you’re not in the city of Sacramento, that doesn’t mean you can’t obtain legal funding. At Tribeca, we encourage anyone seeking a lawsuit loan to apply — it’s free with no obligations.

Whether you’re in the Sacramento area or simply somewhere within California, our team will review your application to see if we can support your case. We help personal injury victims throughout the nation, so please don’t hesitate to contact our team when looking for a lawsuit loan near you.

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