San Diego Lawsuit Loans

San Diego lawsuit loans are now available for plaintiffs who are waiting on a settlement here. The financial stress of waiting for your settlement or lawsuit to finish can be unbearable. With Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, you can get a portion of your settlement or claim early so you can stop worrying about your finances.

California pre-settlement funding can tilt the balance in your lawsuit to your favor. Many large, well-funded defendants will try to drag out settlement negotiations in the hopes that you accept a lesser award. With our help, you can resist these financial pressure tactics and fight for the maximum award.

But I Haven’t Won My Case Yet! How Could I Get a Loan?

This is the beauty of a lawsuit loan. Our non-recourse loan policy means that, should you lose your case after approval, you do not have to pay us back. We cannot go after your bank account, your wages, or even your credit score.

Instead, we speak with your lawyer about the details of your case, how much you’re likely to get, and how long your case is likely to last. After crunching the numbers, we offer you a portion of your settlement at a low interest rate. When your case is done, your lawyer pays us back plus the interest.

Therefore, you do not need to have your case won before you apply for a lawsuit loan in San Diego. You can use the money you get from us for anything you need to pay for after your accident, even personal things like vacations.

How Much Money Will I Have Left Over?

We are not in the business of grabbing everything we can from a settlement, unlike some other lenders. When we offer a lawsuit loan in San Diego or anywhere in the nation, it is usually around 10%-20% of the total settlement.

When you win your suit, you will have plenty of settlement money left over to do with as you please. What our loans offer you is a way to get the money you need now so you can pay your bills, stop the creditor calls, and start getting your life back on track after your injury.

What If I Need More than One Loan?

We understand that for long and complicated cases, or cases in large cities with a heavy court docket, you may need more than one loan before your case resolves. Yes, you can get more than one loan from us.

Each time you ask for a San Diego lawsuit loan, we will consult with your lawyer to see how the case is going. If things are looking promising, like if they find more evidence in your favor, we may be able to loan you more money. Circumstances vary, but it never hurts to ask!

Will I Have a Monthly Payment?

A lawsuit loan is usually paid back all at one time once the settlement check reaches your lawyer. Your lawyer will take out their fee from the final amount, then pay us back, and then pay you the rest.

Therefore, you never have to worry about paying a monthly payment to us. It’s all taken care of once your case resolves. Also, like we said, if you end up getting much less than expected from your settlement, we take the loss.

Why Should I Use Tribeca over Another Lender?

There are other lawsuit loan lenders out there, but their loan terms can leave you with very little money left over. These unscrupulous lenders charge compound interest rates that eat away at the settlement money you deserve.

If you’ve asked for a lawsuit loan and been asked questions about your personal financial situation, that’s a danger sign. The only ethical way to lend money for a lawsuit is if we’re only paid back through your final settlement amount.

The key terms to look for are a non-recourse loan and a flat rate loan. This offers you the most protection. It forces lenders to examine the merits of your case rather than getting you on the hook for a loan you’ll have trouble repaying.

Get Money from Your San Diego Lawsuit Now

If you have a pending insurance claim or lawsuit and you have a lawyer representing you, don’t wait. Call Tribeca Lawsuit Loans and learn how much you can get from your settlement early. We can have the funds in your account in as little as 24 hours.

If you don’t yet have representation, we strongly encourage you to get a lawyer before calling us. Having a lawyer on your side can increase the amount of your final settlement and the amount we can lend you.

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