Santa Clara Lawsuit Loans

Tribeca is your vanguard against shady opponents in your lawsuit. If your lawyer is your offense, consider us your defense. We offer lawsuit loans in Santa Clara and across California for qualified cases to help plaintiffs ride out the financial storm until they win their claims.

If you have a civil lawsuit or strong insurance claim, we can offer you part of the money right now before you win your case. If the creditors are hounding you and that lowball offer seems attractive now, don’t take it until you’ve talked with us.

What Can I Spend My Santa Clara Lawsuit Loan On?

You can spend it on anything you like! The primary use of lawsuit loans is to cover necessary expenses until your case finishes. You can treat it just like your settlement money when you win your case. Also, you don’t even have to pay income taxes on it.

Insurance and corporate lawyers know they have more money than you and can afford to drag out a case. If you’re unable to work, this can drain your accounts and push you into a situation where you’re forced to drop your case or accept a lower offer. Santa Clara legal funding gives you more time.

You can also use the money to cover emergencies. Perhaps you need new medical gear for your injury and your insurance won’t cover it, or an unexpected complication came up. Legal funding in Santa Clara can put money in your pocket fast so you can take care of the matter.

Who Qualifies for a Lawsuit Loan in Santa Clara?

Anyone with a civil lawsuit could qualify for a lawsuit loan, no matter what your credit history or financial situation is. You don’t even need to be employed. In fact, we have many clients who cannot work due to injury or because of discrimination claims and need money to cover expenses until they can.

So how do we make lending decisions? It’s your case details and your lawyer that tells us if you qualify. When we lend, we need you to win so we can get paid back, just like your lawyer needs you to win to get their contingency fee. Your lawyer’s assessment of your case is vital to our decision.

If you don’t have a lawyer working for you, we strongly encourage you to get one. You have more legal options when you have one. Many insurers will immediately raise their offers once they hear you have you. Also, you can let your lawyer do all the details of your case while you focus on recovery or finding work.

What Happens If I Lose My Case?

Losing a lawsuit is a terrible consequence that will leave you with expensive bills and an uncertain future. Tribeca does not want to add to that, which is why all our loans are non-recourse. This means we cannot go after any other money you have beyond your settlement.

This may sound strange, but it is the fairest way we’ve found to offer pre-settlement funding in Santa Clara. If you win, we get paid. If you don’t, then we also lose. What if you win less than you expect? Here, we can only get paid back up to the limits of how much you received.

This is why we scrutinize cases carefully before making a lending decision. If we do, that means we believe you have a significant chance of winning. You should feel confident about the future of your case if you qualify!

Get Access to Santa Clara Pre-Settlement Funding with Tribeca

Are you ready to get the money you deserve from your settlement now? Start by contacting Tribeca by phone or by clicking the Apply Now button. Your case does not have to be in Santa Clara to call. We accept cases from across the United States.

During your consultation, we will ask you for information about your case and how to get in touch with your lawyer. If your case qualifies, we will create a loan offer and go over the details with you. You could have the money in your account as soon as 24 hours after acceptance.

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