Santa Clarita Lawsuit Loans

Waiting for your settlement to clear is agonizing, sometimes literally. You need that money to cover your medical bills, pay your rent, and run your life. There is a way to get your money early through Tribeca.

We offer lawsuit loans in Santa Clarita and across the country to plaintiffs just like you who need money right now, not when your settlement clears. It’s a simple process and one that can save you from financial hardship.

What Is a Lawsuit Loan?

A lawsuit loan is not actually a loan. It’s a cash advance on your settlement. The process works like this:

  • You tell us about your case and allow us to speak with your lawyer.
  • We crunch the data and come up with a lawsuit loan offer.
  • You get paid early from your settlement.
  • When you win your case, your lawyer pays us back from your settlement.

What happens if you don’t win? You owe us nothing! Lawsuit loans are a non-recourse type of debt. This means we cannot go after you if you lose your case. This also means we never have to ask you embarrassing financial questions to qualify you for a lawsuit loan.

Who Qualifies?

There are two things that you need to qualify for a Santa Clarita lawsuit loan. The first is that you need to be the claimant in a lawsuit where you could receive damages. While most of our cases are personal injury, we also fund cases like whistleblowing and labor issues.

The second thing you need is legal representation. Having a lawyer on your side raises your chances of success dramatically in court, which makes your case less risky to our investors. Plus, you can secure more funding overall if you have one.

Why Should I Get One?

Many people recovering from an injury run out of money sooner than they’d like. If they can’t work as well, the financial consequences can be dire. Tribeca wants to keep you out of this unfortunate situation.

Also, when you know you have money coming, it gives your lawyer more time to argue for more money in your settlement. Insurance companies prey on the fact you might run out of money and offer a lowball settlement in hopes you’ll take it out of financial desperation.

With a lawsuit loan from Tribeca, you can wait them out while your lawyer works on your case. You could receive significantly more money than you thought at the end because of this!

How Much Can I Get?

The maximum amount of money we can lend to a case is $1,000,000 if the facts of the case justify the amount. The exact amount you could get depends on several factors:

  • How much longer will your lawsuit last?
  • How much compensation are you expecting to receive?
  • What damages are you fighting for?
  • What’s your percentage of negligence, if any?

Also, we put a limit on how much money you can borrow from your total amount. We want you to get your reward when you win your settlement. Eating it all up in interest payments would be unethical. Our lawsuit loan paperwork will clearly spell out the terms of your pre-settlement financing agreement.

In fact, we’ll make one item clear now. Tribeca only charges simple interest rates with our loans. If we say we’ll take another 10% when your suit settles, that’s all we’ll take no matter how long your case lasts.

Your Application Is Free!

There is no risk to ask us if you could qualify for a Santa Clarita lawsuit loan. Remember, we do not pull credit to check your qualifications! To get started, click the Apply Now button at the top of the screen and share a few facts about your case.

One of our team members will reach out to you for more information and to tell you the details about our lawsuit loans. We look forward to helping you get the financial help you deserve when you need it most.

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