Simi Valley Lawsuit Loans

A lawsuit loan can mean the difference between achieving justice or settling for less than you deserve. Lawsuit loans let plaintiffs get money from their settlements early so they can continue pushing for justice in their lawsuits.

If you live in Simi Valley or anywhere else in California, Tribeca Lawsuit Loans has lending options that can help put money into your pocket early from your settlement. Here’s what you need to know before you apply.

Applying for a Lawsuit Loan in Simi Valley

Applying for a Simi Valley lawsuit loan is incredibly easy. If you have a case in progress where you could receive compensation and you have a lawyer helping you, then you’re already qualified to apply. From here, it’s a simple process:

  • Call us, email us, or use the Apply Now button to schedule a consultation.
  • Answer a few questions about your case
  • Get approval fast, sometimes as little as 24 hours!

Once you’re approved, we’ll put the money into your account as soon as possible. Tribeca offers loans from $500 all the way up to $1 million! You can use this money to pay for emergencies, cover living expenses, or whatever else you want to spend it on.

When your lawsuit finishes, your lawyer will pay us back automatically as part of handling the settlement funds. Once all the expenses are paid from your case, you’ll receive the rest of your check, as agreed by your court ruling and the payment method your lawyer uses.

What Happens If I Lose?

We understand it sounds incredibly risky to get a loan on a lawsuit you haven’t won yet. What happens if you lose? We structure our loans so that the only way we get paid is if you have money in your settlement. In short, we take on all the risk.

Why would we do this? We feel this is the fairest way to extend financing to people with lawsuits. Why would we add insult to injury by forcing you to pay us back on top of all your other expenses if you lost your case or didn’t receive enough to cover the expenses?

This type of lending is called non-recourse lending, and it’s also why we can offer lawsuit loans to many people who cannot qualify for traditional lending. We will never ask you for a credit check, employment history, or your bank account balances.

What Kinds of Cases Qualify for Legal Funding in Simi Valley?

Any civil court case where you have a chance of winning compensation can qualify for a lawsuit loan. Our loan offers aren’t limited to personal injury cases. If you have lost a job because of a case, or are facing financial trouble because of what happened to you, you may qualify.

Your case also has to be large enough and strong enough to support a lawsuit loan. For instance, most small claims cases would be too small to meet our minimum lending requirements, and most don’t use lawyers.

There are also things that can weaken your case like late filing or having a share of the blame in your case. These can threaten how much you get and we will need to take that into consideration with the help of your lawyer before extending Simi Valley legal funding.

Get Your Simi Valley Pre-Settlement Funding Fast with Tribeca

Click the Apply Now button or call us to get your lawsuit loan started. In many cases, you can get your money in just 24 hours into your account.

If your lawsuit is moving too slow and you need to pay your bills now, don’t give in to a lowball offer from an insurer. Get Tribeca to help you cover your costs with pre-settlement funding in Simi Valley instead.

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