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Waiting on a lawsuit to finish can sometimes feel more agonizing than the injury that started it in the first place! That financial stress can put tremendous pressure on you to settle your case for less than it’s worth. It doesn’t have to be that way.

We have lawsuit loans in New Haven that you can use to take that pressure off you. A lawsuit loan is like a cash advance against your future settlement. You can receive some of your settlement right now to get the bill collectors off your back while you wait for your big payout.

How a Lawsuit Loan in New Haven Can Relieve Financial Pressure

Winning a lawsuit or an insurance claim isn’t an automatic thing. It takes time to gather up the evidence, build a strong case, argue with the insurers, and get the money into your account. If your case goes to trial, it can take months or years before you get your money.

What do you do in the meantime? You could be out of work or unable to work because of what happened and you still need money to live. Your lawyer can help a little with things like letters of protection, but that might not be enough in a long case.

With New Haven pre-settlement funding, you can get the money to keep running your life so your case can continue. You deserve justice, and your financial situation should not keep you from achieving it. Don’t quit before the finish line without talking with Tribeca first!

Who Qualifies for a New Haven Lawsuit Loan?

You do! Your credit history and financial situation do not matter when you apply for a lawsuit loan. Instead, it’s your case that must qualify. First, your case has to be a civil claim where you could receive financial compensation. That’s what you borrow against with a lawsuit loan.

Second, we need to talk to a legal professional who is working on your case. This helps us learn your chances of winning and how much you’re likely to receive, plus the total value of your claim. We use that data to decide our rates and your loan amount.

Most cases will qualify if you meet these two criteria. Only in exceptional cases, like a case that’s filed too close to the statute of limitations or when you might have contributed a lot of negligence, might we turn down a loan offer. Applying for a lawsuit loan is free though, so the worst we can say is no!

How Long do I Have to Pay Back Legal Funding in New Haven?

Regular payments are a pain, right? That’s why we eliminated them. You’ll repay your loan in one lump through your lawyer once they receive your settlement check. This means you don’t have to worry about regular payments, calculating interest, or any of the other nonsense with regular loans.

Also, Tribeca’s loans are all non-recourse loans. Should you earn less than you thought or if you lose your case completely, you don’t have to worry about the bill. The only money we can claim is whatever is in your lawsuit winnings.

This is why we must qualify every case we receive, but most cases meet our standards. Also, we only offer flat rate simple interest loans. This makes it easy to calculate your interest and it helps us meet federal and state regulations for this type of lending.

What Can I Spend New Haven Legal Funding On?

There are no restrictions on what you spend the money on. It’s treated exactly the same as if you got a settlement, including the tax-free status! You can spend the money on necessary expenses, medical care, or even a vacation!

Most of our borrowers are facing some kind of financial difficulty from a creditor or just running out of savings. An accident can put people out of work for weeks or months during recovery and could make them lose their jobs. Lawsuit loans fill in the gap between suing and getting the big payday.

Get Started with Getting Pre-Settlement Funding in New Haven

It doesn’t matter if your case is in New Haven or not. We offer loans across the country to people who need financial help while they are waiting on their lawsuits. To get started, pick up your smartphone and call the number at the top of your screen, or just hit the Apply Now button.

Remember, there is no application fee to see if your case qualifies for a loan. We look forward to helping you. In some cases, you could have money in as little as 24 hours!

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