Stamford Lawsuit Loans

A Stamford lawsuit loan can mean the difference between winning your lawsuit or giving up. These loans let you access pre-settlement funding against your future settlement. Plus, if you lose your case, then you don’t have to pay us back!

This may sound strange, but we’ve been offering lawsuit loans in Stamford and across the nation for years now. Tribeca levels the playing field between the average plaintiff and their well-funded opponents by extending financing for cases.

Lawsuit Loan Regulation in Connecticut

Connecticut has no specific lawsuit loan regulations, but Tribeca is a nationwide lender. There are several states that regulate our industry and we use the strictest standards everywhere we lend. How do we comply with regulations?

  • Only offering simple interest loans, never compound.
  • Clear contracts that spell out how much you’ll pay back at the end of your case.
  • Only offering non-recourse loans, so you’ll be safe if you lose your case.

That last one bears special mention. Losing your lawsuit would devastate you, and we believe we shouldn’t add to the burden. By offering non-recourse loans, we can only get paid back through your settlement. If you lose, we cannot seek recourse through your other assets to get the money back.

This also means that we must take special care to qualify any case for lending. We require all cases to have legal representation to qualify. Legal representation confirms you have a case and gives us access to a lawyer who knows the details of your situation.

How Much Can I Get from Legal Funding in Stamford?

That depends on the amount of damages in your case. The term “damages” is a legal term for the harm done to you and how much that’s worth. In short, it’s what you’re suing about. There are many things that can alter the value of a case, which is why we want to speak with your lawyer.

For example, say you’re in a car accident and you are partially at fault. In some states, your fault would cause the court to throw out your case. In most states, as long as you’re somewhere below 49-51% at fault, you can sue, but the court will subtract your percentage of fault from your final settlement. Some even let you sue even if you’re 99% at fault!

Our loans range from $500 to $1 million, but until we know the details of your case, we cannot give you an exact amount. Also, our policy is to never lend so much that your final settlement or your lawyer’s payment is at risk.

How Can I Spend My Stamford Pre-Settlement Funding?

There are absolutely no limits on what you can spend your money on. None! Stamford legal funding is like a cash advance on the settlement you deserve. Use the money to pay for:

  • Lost wages while you work on your case and recover
  • Emergency medical care
  • Debt
  • Living expenses
  • Replacement vehicles or other property
  • Anything else you like!

Most people come to us because the financial pressures of their lawsuit make it hard to make ends meet. They might have lost their job because of injury or because they’re suing their employer. We encourage all borrowers to use their money in a way that helps them complete their lawsuits.

Get Pre-Settlement Funding in Stamford While Waiting for Your Settlement

Are you ready to stop waiting for your settlement? If you have a civil case in Stamford, there’s a lawsuit loan ready for you. To get started, pick up your smartphone and call us at the number at the top of your screen. You can also click the Apply Now button.

We will schedule a meeting with you to discuss your case. Your case may qualify for funding in just 24 hours, and you can use that money for whatever you need for your recovery. Plus, there are no application fees, so apply!

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