Hawaii Car Accident Loans

If you are considering Hawaii car accident loans, partner with Tribeca, We offer automobile accident loans with low interest rates. In addition, we make it simple to get car accident legal funding in days.

Our pre-settlement funding specialists can teach you about auto accident loans and their benefits. If you explore our lawsuit loan options and decide to move forward with one, we can guide you through our online application process, too. From here, you can get approved for a car accident loan and receive hundreds or thousands of dollars in legal funding.

How Much Do I Need to Pay to Apply for a Car Accident Lawsuit Loan in Hawaii?

You can submit an auto accident loan application free of charge. There are no processing fees associated with our legal funding application. You are not billed anything, regardless of whether you accept or reject a lawsuit loan, either.

If you want to apply for car accident pre-settlement funding, you can do so online. Our application is accessible on an iOS or Android mobile device or laptop or desktop computer. You can view and fill out our application 24/7.

How Much Time Will I Need to Fill Out a Car Accident Loan Application?

Most people can complete our online application in minutes. We request information about you and your legal case. Our pre-settlement funding specialists then review your application.

Our application review process is seamless. If we have questions regarding your application, we share them with you. Otherwise, you should expect us to respond to your application within one business day.

How Do You Determine If I Can Get a Hawaii Lawsuit Loan?

We do not make you jump through hoops to qualify for a car accident loan. Rather, we review the following factors relative to your legal case:

  • The overall strength of your case
  • Your case’s projected timeline
  • How much money you expect to receive from your case

We keep our lawsuit loan requirements at a minimum. Furthermore, we offer low interest rates and other perks to ensure you can get the most value out of your auto accident loan.

How Do I Finalize My Legal Funding in Hawaii?

If you are approved for an auto accident loan, we send you a contract. This details your loan amount and interest rate. It also outlines all terms and conditions associated with our legal funding.

Once you accept our lawsuit loan quote, you need to sign your contract. Next, send your signed contract to us. We then finalize your pre-settlement funding and provide you with a check for your loan amount.

In total, you can complete your car accident loan application, get approved, and receive your legal funding in about a week. If you have concerns or questions about our car accident funding, we can provide assistance at any time.

Do I Need to Pay Back My Hawaii Legal Funding Right Away?

The legal process can be extensive. You may seek financial compensation from an at-fault party after a car accident but require many months or years to close your legal case. Thus, if you get an auto accident loan, you do not need to pay us back immediately. Instead, let your case move forward. After your case concludes, then you can focus on repaying your car accident loan.

Keep in mind that a lawsuit loan is considered a cash advance as well. This means legal funding does not work in the same way as a standard loan. Conversely, pre-settlement funding is contingent on you winning your case. In the event that you lose your case, you are under no obligation to repay your loan.

How Does Hawaii Pre-Settlement Funding Work If I Lose My Legal Case?

We take full responsibility for every car accident loan. If your legal case is unsuccessful, do not worry. At this time, you keep your lawsuit loan and do not need to repay us now or in the future.

Comparatively, if you win or settle your case, you are responsible for paying back your auto accident loan. In this instance, your attorney handles your loan repayment.

After you win your case, your lawyer notifies us. He or she then receives your case compensation and takes your loan amount from this total. Finally, your lawyer sends us a check to repay your loan, and you are 100% in the clear.

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