Huntsville Lawsuit Loans

Getting a lawsuit loan in Huntsville can help you win your settlement case by relieving the financial pressure you could face during negotiations. Defendants usually rely on this to force plaintiffs to settle for less money than they deserve for their damages. Unfortunately, this usually works.

With a lawsuit loan, also known as pre-settlement legal funding, you can escape these pressure tactics from insurance adjusters. Instead of waiting for months or even years to receive your settlement money, you can get it now to cover your expenses. Find out if a legal loan is the right option for you.

What’s the Difference Between Pre-Settlement Funding and a Loan?

Even though it’s called a lawsuit loan, pre-settlement funding differs substantially from a traditional loan. That’s because legal funding is classified as a form of non-recourse debt, meaning you don’t have to repay it from your personal assets. The only collateral for a legal loan is your case itself. That means if you lose, you owe nothing.

As a legal loan is non-recourse, there is no credit check required for you to obtain one. The only thing that matters for your eligibility for legal funding is the quality of your case. Plaintiffs with a better chance of winning their case can get access to more legal funding than those who face tougher legal battles.

Why Should You Get Pre-Settlement Funding in Huntsville?

It’s natural to ask why you should get pre-settlement legal funding in Huntsville when so many other financing options are available to you. And that’s precisely why legal funding could be right for you—it doesn’t require the same hoop-jumping that other forms of financing demand of you. Despite its name, a lawsuit loan presents no risk to your finances and is easy to get.

If you lose your legal case, you’ll still need to repay the credit cards you maxed out, the personal loan you took out, and the second mortgage you borrowed. That’s not the case with a lawsuit loan, where you’re only obligated to repay it if you win your case—and even then, only with the money from the settlement. Legal loans present no risk and are easy to obtain.

What Are the Requirements for Pre-Settlement Legal Funding?

Legal funding has few requirements in order for you to qualify for and obtain it. If you have a pending lawsuit, it’s likely that you’re already pre-qualified. If you meet the following conditions, it’s more than likely that you can obtain a legal loan:

  • You have an ongoing settlement case
  • You have retained a lawyer who is working on contingency
  • Your lawyer approves of receiving legal funding

And that’s it – provided you meet the above, it’s likely that your application for legal funding will be approved. The legal funding company you choose to work with will examine your case and make a determination as to how much legal funding they’ll offer you. If it appears that you have a strong chance of winning, you’ll have an easier time obtaining a larger lawsuit loan.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Lawsuit Loan in Huntsville?

Depending on which legal funding company you work with, you can get a lawsuit loan quickly, sometimes in a matter of hours. Legal funding companies are typically quick to approve and disburse money to plaintiffs. This is in opposition to traditional funding methods, which will usually submit you to lengthy credit checks and employment verifications.

The speed at which you can obtain a Huntsville lawsuit loan can prove decisive if you’re facing upcoming expenses. Instead of waiting for days or weeks to get the money you need, you can obtain it now through legal funding. Unlike those other forms of financing, you won’t need to repay it if you lose your case.

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Tribeca Lawsuit Loans can provide you with a lawsuit loan in Huntsville for your settlement case. We can offer you up to $1 million that you can receive within 24 hours of the approval of your application. There are no strings attached and if you lose your case you can keep your legal funding.

We offer low, simple interest rates on all legal funding and won’t surprise you with hidden fees. We know you’re facing enough pressure right now as it is and don’t need any more from your legal funding partner. We’re here to help make it easier for you to win and to get the justice you deserve. Contact us today.

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