Boise Lawsuit Loans

A lawsuit loan in Boise can protect your finances as you await the outcome of your settlement after an accident. It could take months or even years before you see the money from your settlement, and you don’t have that kind of time to pay daily expenses in the interim.

Unfortunately, the justice system can place immense financial strain on families, especially if you’ve suffered a loss of income due to your accident. Legal funding offers accident victims a risk-free way to get the money from their settlement now when it matters most.

Get Cash For Your Personal Injury Case in Boise

If you’re waiting on a settlement for a personal injury case, legal funding could be just what you need to avoid the financial strain of a drawn-out case. Many defendants and their insurance companies will attempt to stall in the hopes that plaintiffs with rock solid cases settle for a lower amount of compensation than they could otherwise obtain. This doesn’t have to happen to you.

With pre-settlement legal funding in Boise, you can get the money from your settlement now. This can allow you to walk away with a much larger settlement than you would if you waited for the case to resolve on its own. Perhaps best of all, this is entirely risk-free to you. If you don’t win your case, you don’t need to pay us back.

What Types of Cases Qualify for Lawsuit Loans?

Lawsuit loans can be used for just about any case in which you are expecting a settlement. However, some of the most common cases that we cover include:

  • Personal injury cases
  • Car accidents
  • Medical malpractice cases
  • Employment and labor disputes
  • Jones Act violations
  • Whistleblower and qui tam cases

So long as you are expecting a settlement and your lawyer agrees to third-party funding, you can qualify for and receive a lawsuit loan. Applying is easy and takes a few minutes. Once you’re approved, you can get up to $1 million in your bank account in as little as 24 hours.

What Expenses Do Lawsuit Loans Cover?

Lawsuit loans in Boise can be used to cover any expenses you may have. There aren’t any restrictions on what they can be used for, since the money you receive from them is yours.

Common expenses include medical bills, rent or mortgage payments, vehicle repair or replacement costs, and general living expenses. However, you can choose to spend the money however you see fit.

Do I Need Good Credit to Qualify for a Boise Lawsuit Loan?

You don’t need good credit in order to apply for and get approved for a lawsuit loan in Boise. In fact, your credit doesn’t factor in at all during the approval process. Why is this? The answer is simple: the IRS classifies lawsuit loans as non-recourse debt, meaning that we can’t recover the loan from your personal finances.

Instead of your personal assets or credit going on the line, you’ll use the value of your future settlement as collateral for the lawsuit loan. This means that you can get the money from your settlement now instead of waiting months or years for it.

This also means that our payment comes exclusively from the settlement. If you don’t win, we don’t get paid—and you get to keep the money.

Are Lawsuit Loans in Boise Really Worth It?

Lawsuit loans are risk-free to plaintiffs since you only have to pay off the loan if you actually win your case. Yes, it’s true that with a legal loan, the total value of your settlement that you walk away with might be slightly lower than it would be if you fought on your own.

However, most plaintiffs settle for an amount of compensation that’s far lower than the maximum possible award. A lawsuit loan lets you take most of the maximum potential award now without having to struggle—and essentially gamble with your own finances—for years to get it.

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We serve clients nationwide and have the financial muscle and legal experience to best serve you with your Boise lawsuit loan needs. Contact us today to find out if you qualify for the legal funding you need!

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