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While lawsuit settlement negotiations or trial proceedings can last years, expenses like medical bills, rent, legal fees, and daily costs do not. For many plaintiffs seeking justice, this creates the pressure to settle for a lowball offer rather than fighting for the compensation they truly deserve.

With lawsuit loans in Indiana, you can get a portion of your future settlement now, like a cash advance. We provide up to $2 million in pre-settlement funding to clients in most states nationwide, including in neighboring Ohio. This legal funding also allows your attorney sufficient time to negotiate a fair compensation package for you. Best of all, pre-settlement loans in Indiana can help you win a bigger settlement!

Who Qualifies for Settlement Loans in Indiana?

We offer Indiana lawsuit loans to clients with a wide variety of case types, including:

You should qualify for legal funding as long as you meet our simple requirements:

  • You are 18 years of age or older
  • You are the plaintiff in an existing lawsuit,
  • You stand to receive compensation,
  • And you are represented by an attorney or law firm.

We require that our clients are represented by legal counsel for their benefit and our own. Studies demonstrate that lawyers win far more cases and with larger settlement packages than individuals who represent themselves.

You can apply for free via our Apply Now page. Then, our underwriting team will investigate the details of your case, contact your lawyer for more information, and make an assessment on how much we can provide you with as an Indiana lawsuit loan. We know you’re eager to get going, so we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Once everything is approved and you have signed the agreement, we can have the money in your bank account in as little as a single day!

How Indiana Settlement Loans Works

Unlike other forms of lending, lawsuit loans in Indiana are considered non-recourse. Non-recourse loans limit any risk on your part, as you are not held personally liable for the debt. The only legal source of money for the loan’s repayment comes from the collateral on the loan. In the case of legal lending, the collateral is your future settlement. So, if your case is lost — you won’t have to repay the loan!

Some of the benefits of lawsuit loans include:

  • No repayment is necessary if you lose your case
  • Only repay from your compensation package (not your personal finances)
  • No monthly payment plans
  • No credit check, bank statements, or employment verification needed for approval

Based on the details of your claim, we provide you with the lawsuit cash advance you need. Then, when your case is finished, and you have received your compensation, your attorney simply writes us a check for the agreed-upon portion of that settlement package, and you keep the rest!

How Lawsuit Settlement Loans in Indiana Can Get You a Bigger Settlement

The way the defense and the insurance company drag out the lawsuit, it seems like they just don’t care how much their delays are ratcheting up the financial stress you’re experiencing. Actually, they do know. They’re counting on it. The delays are a deliberate strategy to leverage your financial burdens against you. They hope the stress forces you to accept a much lower settlement offer than you deserve. It’s an effective strategy that often works.

With an Indiana accident loan or Indiana personal injury lawsuit loan, the stress is alleviated. You can pay your bills and afford to wait out the defense’s delays. This gives your attorney the time needed to get you the best settlement possible. And, since Tribeca is invested in the successful outcome of your case, we may provide your legal team with case funding for expert witnesses and other litigation expenses that can bolster your case.

What Expenses Can Lawsuit Loans in Indiana Cover?

Your expenses may pile up quickly when you have been harmed due to another’s actions. For example, if you sustained injuries, you may have medical bills or property damage and may even be out of work. Meanwhile, all your regular bills keep coming in. Defense attorneys can delay lawsuits, but there’s no slowing the mounting bills.

Indiana lawsuit loans can step into the breach. You can use the money from the loan to pay expenses like:

  • Medical bills
  • Physical therapy
  • Counseling
  • Mortgage or rent
  • Credit card debt
  • Property repairs
  • Car payments or repair
  • Utilities
  • Gas, food, and other daily essentials

You can use the money from your pre-settlement loan in Indiana in any way you choose. It is your money.

Regulations on Lawsuit Loans in Indiana

Many states have been slow to enact legislation or regulation in the lawsuit lending arena, leaving some plaintiffs worried about exploitation. However, Indiana has clear laws on the books regarding legal funding. Indiana Code §24-12 sets forth several restrictions, including the following.

  • Limits the amount of funding that can be provided
  • Sets maximum yearly interest rate at 36%
  • Clarified that Indiana pre-settlement funding is not governed by the Uniform Consumer Credit Code

These laws should give plaintiffs like you more confidence that you will be treated fairly by lawsuit loan companies. Tribeca Lawsuit Loans serves clients in many states in the U.S., some with far stricter requirements than Indiana’s. We charge a low, simple, non-compounding interest rate, and always abide by local, state, and federal regulations as well as industry best practices.

Applying for an Indiana Lawsuit Loan is Free!

Don’t let the opposing side in your lawsuit pressure you into settling for less than you deserve simply because you need cash now. An Indiana lawsuit loan from Tribeca Lawsuit Loans can cover your bills, replace your income, and provide relief while you fight for justice. Apply today by visiting our Apply Now page. If you would rather speak with one of our friendly team members, please call us at (866) 388-2288.

We offer lawsuit loans throughout The Hoosier State, including in the following locations:

Let Tribeca Lawsuit Loans help to level the playing field so that you can get just compensation.

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