Kentucky Car Accident Loans

When you first filed your car accident lawsuit or initiated the insurance claims process, you may have felt as though you were finally going to be awarded the compensation you deserved. But many car accident victims in Kentucky are surprised to find that it could be months or even years before they are awarded in their case.

Does this sound like what you have been through? We may have the solution. At Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, we offer car accident victims across the state of Kentucky the pre-settlement funding they need to overcome their obstacles and continue to survive.

You can apply for your Kentucky car accident loans when you contact the loan specialists at our office today.

When to Apply for a Lawsuit Loan in Kentucky

When you are dealing with a difficult litigation process, you likely want to be sure that you are taking all the necessary steps to win your case. You may even have concerns that applying for a car accident loan is going to adversely affect the outcome of your case. But not to worry.

When the insurance company is attempting to delay the payment of your injury settlement or your case in court is taking longer than expected, you may still be able to obtain the funds you need to cover your costs. Although your Kentucky car accident loans will not fully compensate you for everything you have been through, they can go a long way in covering your necessary expenses in other pertinent costs that could help your family survive during these trying times.

Kentucky Car Accident Loan Misconceptions

There are many preconceived notions and misconceptions about car accident loans in Kentucky. For example, there are many people who believe that you need to have perfect credit in order to be approved. But nothing could be further from the truth. Traditional loan companies require you to allow them to access your credit report and other personal financial information because they need to know that you can pay back your loan using the money that you earn.

But that is not how legal funding in Kentucky works. Instead, we take into account how likely it is that you will win your case and how much you are going to be awarded if you win. Your credit score and payment history do not matter.

Another misconception is that you will be expected to pay back your lawsuit loan even if you lose your case. But at Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, we understand that there is no guarantee that you will win in your insurance negotiations or at trial.

Despite your attorney’s best efforts, it is possible that your settlement will not come through. If this happens, you do not have to worry about paying back your Kentucky car accident Loans. Per our agreement, you will only be required to pay back your pre-settlement funding if your attorney wins your case.

How to Get Your Car Accident Loans in Kentucky Approved

If you hope to get your Kentucky lawsuit loan, you will need to be sure to have a lawyer representing you. We are only able to approve applications of individuals who have a car accident lawyer or other legal representative handling their case. Although you are under no legal obligation to have a lawyer in order to pursue justice through insurance claims or in civil court, we are unable to approve anyone who is not represented by a lawyer.

With that being said, just because you have a lawyer does not necessarily mean that we can approve your application. We will need to carefully examine The details of your case in order to determine whether we can approve your application and if so, how much we can approve it for. In discussions with your attorney, we will learn how strong your case is, how much you could be awarded if your lawyer wins, and how long it should be before your case is settled.

Steps to Take After You Get Your Kentucky Pre-Settlement Funding

Once you have received your pre-settlement funding in Kentucky, you can finally rest easier. You will be able to pay back all of your debts and other expenses as they relate to your car accident. With that in mind, it is important to remember that if your lawyer wins your case you are going to be expected to pay back your Kentucky legal funding.

Do not make the mistake of spending frivolously or getting yourself into further debt while waiting for your injury settlement to be resolved in court. You do not want to risk winding up in further financial distress like many others who have made mistakes like these.

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Our Kentucky car accident loans could help you get through the most difficult times in your life. Contact us to complete your application today.

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