Montana Car Accident Loans

There are millions of Americans severely injured in auto accidents every year, including Montana, thanks to the fault of negligent drivers. Because of them, car accident victims are not only left to suffer from physical injuries, but also from loss of income and a gain of medical bills they cannot afford to pay.

Montana car accident loans available from Tribeca can alleviate this suffering through the financial support they provide during this time of recovery as you seek justice in your lawsuit proceedings. Car accident lawsuit settlements like this can take years before plaintiffs are paid, which is why we are here to help.

Are Car Accident Lawsuit Loans in Montana Legal?

While Montana pre-settlement funding is regulated state by state, lawsuit loans in Montana are extremely easy for injured plaintiffs to access. That is encouraging because Montana drivers are on the road 12 billion miles a year; that is nearly 16,000 miles per driver, or about 24 percent higher than the national average.

With that said, car accident lawsuit loans are completely legal. Tribeca offers simple, compound, low-interest rates and our team of legal funding specialists is completely transparent with our clients and their attorneys throughout the entire loan approval process.

How Long Does It Take to Win a Car Accident Case?

It is inevitable that these kinds of personal injury lawsuit proceedings will experience extreme delays. That is because of the nature of these cases, which involve stringent defense teams and insurance companies, and revolve around questions and doubts that dig into:

  • Who is liable
  • Proof of the claimed damages and injuries caused directly from the accident
  • Proof of any evidence that involves witness accounts

Every aspect of your car accident case will be analyzed – the more involved it is, the longer it will take. Because of these many factors that affect the length of your lawsuit and the amount of your compensation, the Montana lawsuit loans provided by our legal funding professionals at Tribeca will reflect that, so you can at least be financially secure and have a better chance of the case settling in your favor.

What Is Non-Recourse Legal Funding in Montana?

Our Montana car accident loans are a type of non-recourse legal funding, which means you have no obligation to repay us if your case, for some reason, is lost or dismissed. This is because, when Tribeca gives you this non-recourse legal funding, it is actually an offer, or purchase, from us to buy part of the proceeds you could potentially receive from your settlement now.

And, because it is a purchase, it is not like a traditional bank loan. With lawsuit loans, the process is safe and risk-free, and it does not require a credit check or a look into your personal finances or employment history to qualify. You are not personally liable for these funds; we are.

Take Me Through the Montana Lawsuit Loan Approval Process

Here at Tribeca, we have helped thousands of car accident plaintiffs over the past decade achieve pre-settlement funding in Montana to help get them back on their feet. We know it is already a challenging, complicated time, so we have made the lawsuit loan approval process a simple one for you:

  • You apply. You will need to have an attorney, who knows you are applying for legal funding, and we will need that attorney’s contact information so we can verify your case details.
  • We review. We will review these details and determine if you are qualified and, if so, how much you will receive.
  • You are approved. You and your attorney will receive a contract to sign. We want you both to carefully review the contract and ask any questions if you do not understand.
  • You are paid. We will deposit the dollar amount listed on your agreed-upon contract in your bank account quickly – sometimes within 24 hours.

What Can I Pay with a Lawsuit Loan in Montana?

There is a number of things you can pay with your Montana car accident loan money that will turn your life around, such as:

  • Damages and repairs to your vehicle
  • Medical bills and ongoing treatment for your injuries
  • Mortgage or rent payments
  • Groceries, gas, and more everyday living expenses

Start Your Montana Legal Funding Application Process with Tribeca Today

If you are struggling through a car accident lawsuit right now and you are ready to feel more financially stable, apply now for a Montana car accident loan from Tribeca. We know that these legal funds provided to you, pre-settlement, will not take away the trauma you have already experienced, but it can alleviate the burden you and your family are enduring every day.

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