Paterson Lawsuit Loans

It’s comforting to know that you have a big settlement coming from your lawsuit. At least, that’s what your lawyer says will happen once you finally win. The wait can make you feel terrible, and losing income while you wait can be worse.

We can help stop the latter with a lawsuit loan from Tribeca. A lawsuit loan lets you grab money from your settlement before you win while you wait for your lawsuit to finish. It gets the creditors off your back and gives your lawyer time to finish your case.

How Much Can You Get from a Paterson Lawsuit Loan?

We can authorize loans from as little as $500 to as much as $1 million, but how much you can get in a lawsuit loan in Paterson depends on your case. Here are some of the factors we look at when deciding:

  • How likely are you to win your lawsuit?
  • How much are you likely to receive?
  • Are there questions about negligence or the statute of limitations that could lower or eliminate your compensation?
  • What’s the total maximum value your case could receive?

Lawsuit loans cover your expenses to help you get through your lawsuit until you get the big win. We also want to leave you with plenty of money when your lawsuit finishes. So answering how much you can get isn’t something we can do without more information.

However, you can get that answer in just a few days through a free application with Tribeca. We will need your lawyer’s contact information and some time to ask you a few questions about your case.

Can I Get a Lawsuit Loan Outside of Paterson?

Yes, you can. No matter where you live in New Jersey (assuming it’s a U.S. case), you can get a lawsuit loan. What’s most important is that you have possible compensation through your case and that you have a lawyer working on your lawsuit.

Our nationwide network also gives you confidence in our lending. We must follow all state and federal laws and it’s easiest to follow the strictest states. You can get much more protection from our loans than a traditional loan. One big reason is our non-recourse loan policy.

We also only offer loans with simple interest rates. This makes it simple to calculate how much we’ll get paid back and, unlike some of our competition, your interest charges won’t skyrocket if your case drags out.

How Repayment Works for Legal Funding in Paterson

Paterson legal funding is easy to pay back because it’s all done when your case settles. Your lawyer will handle the repayment before sending the rest of the money to you. You’ll never have to worry about a collection call from us!

We also can only get paid back through your settlement. This is what non-recourse loans are. The only collateral we can legally access is your settlement. If you lose your case, you won’t have to worry about paying us back.

Therefore, we have a strict approval process, but it’s worth the brief wait to find out if you qualify. Many cases do, and you could get money in as little as 24 hours after approval! Plus, all applications are free.

Call Us If You Have Questions About Paterson Pre-Settlement Funding

We understand that you might have questions about pre-settlement funding in Paterson. Lawsuit lending is still a new area of finance and few are familiar with it. We invite you to give us a call if you have questions before applying.

If you’re ready to get started, just click Apply Now or tell us you’re ready for a Savannah lawsuit loan over the phone. We’ll be glad to get you on your way to a lawsuit loan that best fits your situation.

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