Fayetteville Lawsuit Loans

If you’re involved in litigation, you know the process can be lengthy. In the meantime, how will you pay for daily expenses and legal costs? Whether it’s a personal injury, or civil rights matter, you need cash today while awaiting a settlement from your case resolution.

We’ve helped people get lawsuit loans in Fayetteville for some time now, and we want to help you do the same. We have a simple process for qualifying cases so that you can get your funds in as little as 24 hours. There is no credit check required, and applications are free.

How Do I Qualify for a Fayetteville Lawsuit Loan?

Lawsuit loans in Fayetteville help people pay for necessities while they wait for their settlements to go through the court system. Thus, the first thing we need to qualify you for North Carolina pre-settlement funding is to look at your lawsuit.

Depending on the possible damages you could receive, your expected amount of compensation, how long your case will take to complete, and other factors, we will extend a loan offer with a simple interest rate.

How do we get that information? That leads to the second qualification. You need to have a lawyer on your side that’s working on your case. We will work with your attorney to get an insider’s look at how your case is going, and you can get their opinion about whether the deal is good for your situation.

What If I Don’t Win My Case?

The reason we need to investigate so thoroughly is that we offer non-recourse loans. That’s legal-speak for “we can’t get the money back if you lose your case.” We take on all the risk, and we cannot harm your financial situation if things don’t turn your way.

There are no credit checks, no financial history questions, and no worries about creditor calls. While not every case will qualify for a loan, if we extend a loan to you then we feel your case has a good chance of success.

We also make every effort to ensure your Fayetteville lawsuit loan will leave you with a sizable amount of your settlement after you win. We want to help you through your time of need, not take your whole settlement at the end.

If I Win My Case, What Happens?

Worried about monthly payments? Worry not! Your lawyer will handle paying us back from your settlement once they receive the check. After you win your case, the defendants or the insurance company have a certain amount of time to send your lawyer what they owe you.

Your lawyer will handle paying back the lawsuit loan, plus our interest, as well as taking out their own fees. Once everyone has been paid, they will send the rest of the money to you. It’s a quick process.

How much will you need to pay back? It all depends on the contract you sign with us. However, unlike many of our competitors, you do not need to worry about compound interest. We only offer simple loans with low interest rates.

How Can I Spend the Money for My Lawsuit Loan in Fayetteville?

The money you get from your Fayetteville lawsuit loan is exactly like the money you’d get from your settlement. You are free to spend it however you like. Spend it on:

  • Medical and health care expenses
  • Paying bills and other debt
  • Covering your mortgage
  • Going on a vacation
  • Investments

It really is your money to spend! If you are concerned about taxes, much of the money that comes from a settlement is tax free, but speak with an accountant for details in your state.

Get Qualified for a Lawsuit Loan in Fayetteville Today

Getting qualified for a Fayetteville lawsuit loan from Tribeca Capital is as simple as calling us at the number on your screen or clicking the Apply Now button. Depending on your case, you can get money as soon as 24 hours after we process your application! Contact Tribeca today.

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