North Dakota Car Accident Loans

According to the North Dakota Department of Transportation, there are more than 14,000 vehicle crashes in the state each year, resulting in fatalities, injuries, and property damages.

These stats and results, unfortunately, also lead to the courtroom, with car accident victims forced to fight for justice by way of a filed lawsuit. And that leads to a long, arduous road ahead for these plaintiffs, with medical bills piling up along the way.

North Dakota car accident loans provided by Tribeca could be the solution for this financial debt and mental, physical and emotional stress and strain.

How North Dakota Car Accident Loans Can Prevent a Low Settlement

Lawsuit defendants, armed with their big-budget attorneys and car insurance companies, will do everything they can to drag out your case. Why? Because time is on their side, and they know that it is not the same for you – nor is money. It could take months, potentially years to resolve your case, which could force you to settle for less money than you deserve.

North Dakota car accident loans, however, can put the advantage back onto your side of the courtroom because it gives you legal funding now for a more financially stable future. That way, your attorney can continue to fight for justice, without being forced to accept a low settlement offer.

What About My Insurance Coverage for Car Accident Damages?

While Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is required by North Dakota drivers as part of their car insurance coverage, your medical expenses and damages will often far surpass the maximum PIP payout.

And, even if the defendant is obviously the at-fault party, car insurance companies will likely delay payment of medical treatment until the lawsuit is settled. Pre-settlement funding in North Dakota will provide more funds to you – and less stress – from $500 up to $1 million. These North Dakota car accident loans give you the ample financial cushion you need to make sure you and your family are completely covered, without relying on (and waiting for) insurance coverage.

What Can I Pay with My North Dakota Car Accident Loan?

Lawsuit loans, unlike other forms of legal funding in North Dakota, can be used to pay for many different things on top of your medical bills, such as:

  • Property or vehicle damages and repairs
  • Mortgage or rent payments
  • Utility bills
  • Everyday living expenses, like food, clothing, and gas
  • School expenses

Personal injury lawsuits like this could take months, even years, to settle. And your bills will not slow down during that time. North Dakota legal funding is the kind of risk-free, non-recourse debt that pulls money from your projected settlement compensation if you win; if you do not win, you do not pay anything whatsoever.

What Is Needed to Apply for a North Dakota Lawsuit Loan

Unlike traditional bank loans, there are many pre-checks that are not required for lawsuit loans in North Dakota, such as credit checks, and an investigation into your financial and employment history. Instead, our team of legal funding professionals at Tribeca requires the following when you apply:

  • Your name and contact information, as well as the contact info of your attorney
  • The type of your lawsuit case
  • Brief details about your case, including the damages and injuries you have endured, as well as the expected duration and settlement

That is all you need to disclose before one of our team members reaches out to you and your attorney to discuss your lawsuit in more detail to determine the amount of your car accident loan. You could receive your pre-settlement funding in North Dakota as fast as 24 hours.

What Happens If I Lose My Lawsuit?

North Dakota car accident loans are very safe for our clients because they are non-recourse debts, which means, if you lose your lawsuit, Tribeca:

  • Will not execute any repayment out of your personal bank account.
  • You do not have to repay us at all

If you do win your lawsuit, your repayment comes out of your settlement compensation and you keep the rest.

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Here at Tribeca, we have helped thousands of clients access millions of dollars over the last decade, which includes North Dakota car accident loans. You could be the next one to benefit. If you are in the midst of a lawsuit and bills and lost wages are weighing you down, apply now online for a free cash advance without any risk to give you the financial freedom you deserve until your case settles.

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