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There are four types of civil law: torts, contracts, family law, and property. Each type requires a set of elements for the plaintiff to prove and a show of damages. The American judicial system has settled on monetary damages as a way to resolve civil issues. The money may not fix your health or mend any long-term suffering, but it is as close to justice as you can get.

Even though your situation warrants a civil lawsuit, it costs money to start one. If you are dealing with a physical, emotional, or financial injury, you may not be in the best place to spend money on a lawsuit. Our lawsuit loans in Cleveland can help fund your lawsuit without worry.

What Kind of Lawsuit is Eligible for Legal Funding in Cleveland?

We have helped more than a thousand clients and issued more than $45 million in legal funding. We’ve clients fund cases dealing with:

This list is not exhaustive. If you do not see your lawsuit, please feel free to contact us for a better understanding of how we can better serve you.

How Does Legal Funding Work?

Legal funding acts as a cash advance for your settlement or court-ordered compensation. We start assessing if a lawsuit loan is right for you based on the following information:

  • The name of your attorney or law firm
  • The value of the damages you’re seeking to recover
  • Duration of the claim thus far (and expected timeline for resolution)
  • The type of claim you’re litigating

Once this information is provided, we start conversations with you and your attorney. Your legal team has a wealth of knowledge and can provide us with detailed information to help us better understand your situation. Once we assess your situation, we provide a loan that best fits your situation.

Is Pre-Settlement Funding in Cleveland a Big Risk for Me?

In short, no. Ohio pre-settlement funding is risk-free to you because it is structured as a non-recourse loan. This means that if you do not win your case, we cannot go after your wages or assets. We only get paid if you win.

When you do win, a check will be sent to your attorney. Your attorney is legally obligated to handle your settlement or court-ordered compensation and divide it up between the legal team and our agreed-upon payment. The remainder is handed over to you to spend as you see fit.

How Do I Get Access to the Loan?

People choose a legal loan because they are in need. We try to meet your needs as quickly as possible.

Once you are approved, we will work out an agreed-upon payback price with your attorney. After that has been finalized, we will have the money in your account in as little as 24 hours.

Am I Restricted on How I Can Spend My Lawsuit Loan?

We also do not have any stipulations on how to spend the loan. You can use it to pay medical bills or splurge it on a much-needed vacation. Whatever you decide, we are just happy to be of service to you during such an uncertain and unsettling time.

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