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It’s frustrating when you know you have a lawsuit in the bag but you have to wait for all the negotiations to finish. It’s even worse if you have to wait on a trial. Your lawyer might be able to stop some of your creditors from complaining, but you still need money to live on while you recover.

Tribeca’s lawsuit loan program in Dayton can help cover the gap while you wait on your settlement. We offer non-recourse loans to qualifying cases in Ohio and across the country. Here’s how it all works.

How Much Money Can You Get from a Dayton Lawsuit Loan?

Tribeca’s lawsuit loans are non-recourse loans. This means the only way we can get paid back is through your lawsuit. Thus, the amount you can get will be a portion of whatever the value of your case is.

It’s part of our ethical practices to always leave borrowers with a hefty settlement once their case is done. Lawsuit loans in Dayton are meant to tide your finances over while you wait for your lawyer to finish settling your case.

When we make an offer, we’ll look at the strength and value of your case, how long your case is expected to take, any personal injury laws that could interfere with your settlement amount, and speak with your lawyer about how your case is going. This helps us decide how much money you can get and what your interest rate is.

The Legality of Lawsuit Loans in Dayton Explained

Dayton legal funding is legal but not well-known. We get a lot of questions about legality. In Ohio, we’re regulated by Ohio Revised Codes (ORC) §1349.55. This law requires us to disclose specific information about your loan and what we must put into our contracts to make them valid.

Tribeca wants all our borrowers to feel comfortable with getting Dayton pre-settlement funding. We will explain the contract to you, including the loan amount, interest rate, and expected payoff when your case settles. There will be no hidden surprises.

Plus, because of how our process works, you won’t have to worry about a payoff schedule. Your lawyer will handle paying us back as soon as your case settles. Our process isn’t just clear. It’s simple as well!

How Legal Funding in Dayton Protects Plaintiffs

Insurance companies know that the longer they drag their feet, the more financial pressure will build up against injured victims. If you’re hurt and can’t work, you can’t earn money. Eventually your savings will dry up and you may have to accept a lowball settlement just to keep the lights on.

Your personal injury lawyer will work hard to keep that from happening, but it’s a race against time. By getting a Dayton lawsuit loan, you wind the clock back, pay your expenses, and give your lawyer more time to negotiate.

In some cases, this little bit of time is enough to make a breakthrough in the case. You could end up getting more from your settlement than you thought thanks to this extra protection. There’s no risk to you either, so why not find out what we can do for you?

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Tribeca is ready to help the people of Dayton and everyone else in the country get money from their lawsuits early through pre-settlement funding in Dayton. Our system protects litigants from pressure tactics brought by creditors and slow cases.

Get the money you need in as little as 24 hours. To get started, call our offices at the number on your screen or use the Apply Now button. We look forward to helping you.

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