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The Oklahoma Senate passed Senate Bill 1016 in 2013 to regulate pre-settlement financing across the state. As part of the bill, litigation financing providers must adhere to certain requirements. These include requiring plaintiffs to have a valid license to obtain financing and offering them the right to rescission (cancel their loan).

Tribeca has lawsuit financing specialists on staff who comply with Oklahoma law. Our team takes a pressure-free approach to pre-settlement funding in Broken Arrow. We can teach you everything you need to know about them.

How Does a Lawsuit Loan Differ from Other Types of Financing?

Broken Arrow pre-settlement funding is a cash advance given to a plaintiff during a legal case. The loan can help the plaintiff cover myriad everyday expenses, such as utilities, rent, and car payments.

Typically, a case can take several months or years to resolve. During this time, a plaintiff is required to pay their legal bills and daily expenses. This can cause a plaintiff to experience serious financial stress.

Thanks to litigation financing, a plaintiff does not have to sacrifice their case to pay off their daily bills. The funding allows a plaintiff to receive the money he or she can use until their case is settled. The plaintiff can utilize the financing however he or she deems fit. Once their case is concluded, the plaintiff pays back their loan.

What Do You Need to Do to Obtain Broken Arrow Legal Funding?

If you want to obtain legal funding in Broken Arrow, we recommend you discuss your case with our team. We offer pre-settlement financing for a variety of cases. And, we can help you determine if you are a viable candidate for litigation financing.

In addition to following Oklahoma statutes regarding pre-settlement funding, we require you to hire a lawyer before we can provide you with financing. This allows us to work directly with your attorney to get you the funding you want. It also enables you to partner with an attorney who commits the time, energy, and resources necessary to help you win your case.

When you are ready, you can submit an online application for a lawsuit loan. You can fill out our application on your desktop or laptop computer, smartphone, or tablet. The application usually takes only a few minutes to complete. We let you know if your application is approved within 24 hours.

How Much Do Broken Arrow Lawsuit Loans Cost?

Many pre-settlement financing providers charge application and processing fees. We do not, which is one of the many reasons we consistently earn high marks from our clients.

We are upfront and honest about our Broken Arrow lawsuit loans. Our team tells you how much you can receive. In addition, we provide you with the lowest interest rate possible.

Furthermore, you only need to pay us after you win your case. At this time, your attorney can send us a check for your loan amount.

Why Should I Partner with Tribeca for Pre-Settlement Financing?

We are a lawsuit financing partner that provides:

  • Financing up to $1 million. We learn about you and how much funding you need. From here, we can offer financing options that align with your budget.
  • A simple application process. You can submit your application 24/7 and will not have to wait long to find out if you are approved for financing.
  • Minimal loan requirements. We assess the overall strength of your case, its estimated timeline, and your projected compensation. Our team does not review your credit history or personal finances to determine your loan eligibility.
  • Fast cash distribution. After we approve your loan application, you receive your financing without delay.
  • Superb client support. Our litigation financing specialists can answer your lawsuit loan questions.

Expect the best litigation financing services and support from Tribeca. We do our part to provide you with a lawsuit loan that allows you to pursue your case to the fullest extent.

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A lawsuit loan in Broken Arrow can be beneficial for plaintiffs getting ready to file a claim or in the middle of a case. With the right litigation financing provider at your side, you can get the most value out of your funding.

Our litigation financing specialists are available to discuss lawsuit funding in detail. For more information, call us. To apply for a lawsuit loan, fill out our online application form.

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