Gresham Lawsuit Loans

Only a few laws have been passed surrounding Oregon lawsuit loan legislation. As such, plaintiffs can pursue pre-settlement financing if they need money to cover their bills during a legal case in Oregon. And, they can qualify for up to $1 million in pre-settlement funding if they partner with Tribeca.

We are a top choice for lawsuit loans in Gresham and other Oregon cities and towns. Our legal funding specialists can teach you about pre-settlement financing and help determine if our funding meets your requirements.

How Are Gresham Lawsuit Loans Different from Other Types of Loans?

Typically, you can apply for a loan from a bank or credit union. The loan allows you to receive monies you can use for personal reasons. Over time, you are expected to repay the loan amount. You may also be charged interest on your loan.

A Gresham lawsuit loan is considered a cash advance based on expected compensation from a legal case. The loan is also non-recourse; this means you do not need to repay it unless you win your case.

Our Gresham pre-settlement funding specialists can explain the ins and outs of lawsuit loans. We can review your case and determine if you are a viable candidate for litigation funding.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements for a Lawsuit Loan in Gresham?

We do not require you to provide us with information about your credit or financial history. Rather, we review the following information to determine your eligibility for pre-settlement funding in Gresham:

  • The overall strength of your case
  • Your estimated compensation
  • How long you can expect your case to last

You will not need to wait long to learn if you qualify for a lawsuit loan. We can approve your loan application within 24 hours.

How Does the Gresham Legal Funding Application Process Work?

You can submit a lawsuit financing application in minutes. Here is what you need to do:

  • Fill out our online application. Complete our application via your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. We request information about you and your case and, if we have follow-up questions, we will let you know.
  • Await our response. Our litigation financing specialists evaluate your application. Our team works diligently to approve your application, as quickly as possible.
  • Get your money. We can approve your application and send you a contract to finalize your loan terms. Once you sign your contract, we will send you a check.

Our team can provide assistance as you complete our loan application process. If you have concerns or questions along the way, let us know.

Why Should I Choose Tribeca Over Other Gresham Lawsuit Loan Providers?

If you’re considering from whom to apply for a lawsuit loan, select Tribeca. We provide:

  • Superior client experience. We offer end-to-end lawsuit loan support. Tell us about your case and your funding requirements and from here, we can offer financing options that match your expectations.
  • Hassle-free financing. You will not need to jump through hoops to obtain financing from us. Instead, you can apply 24/7, and we can then review and approve your application and get your funding to you without delay. 
  • Low interest rates. We provide a low interest rate on every lawsuit loan, regardless of your case. Also, we do not compound interest for our litigation funding.
  • No hidden fees. You will not get charged any application or processing fees with our lawsuit loans. We are upfront about all costs so you know what to expect from your funding.

The bottom line: our rivals cannot match our lawsuit funding services and support.

How Do I Pay Back Legal Funding in Gresham?

We require you to work with a lawyer when you obtain lawsuit financing from us. That way, your attorney can provide us with facts regarding your case. Plus, your lawyer can handle the loan repayment process.

To pay back a lawsuit loan, you pay us back when you win your case and receive compensation. Your attorney can then take out their legal fees from this amount. He or she can also remove your loan amount from your compensation and send us a check.

After we receive your loan repayment check, we process your payment right away. At this point, your loan is paid in full.

Explore Our Gresham Lawsuit Loan Options Today

Getting a Gresham lawsuit loan can be fast and easy. By partnering with Tribeca, you can work with an experienced litigation financing provider to obtain your loan.

The Tribeca team is available to discuss our lawsuit loan options. For more information, please call us at 866-388-2288. If you are ready to obtain a lawsuit loan, submit your application online.

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