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If you were the victim of an accident of any kind, you have gone through enough physical pain and suffering. Most likely, because of that, you filed a lawsuit. And, unfortunately, you probably also have bills piling up, which is a heavy burden for you as well.

It may be time to think about getting a lawsuit loan to help cover these expenses, from all the medical bills to your necessary living payments. Because these types of personal injury cases, like traffic accidents or medical malpractice, might take months, even years, to go to trial and reach a settlement. Those are months or years that you may be unable to work.

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans can provide plaintiffs with vital pre-settlement funding in Allentown that will support them during this time. If you think you qualify for an Allentown lawsuit loan, all you have to do is apply.

Can You Afford to Fund a Lawsuit on Your Own?

If you choose not to secure a lawsuit loan in Allentown and instead pay for all pre-settlement costs out of your pocket, you may have a difficult financial road ahead of you. The average American household doesn’t even have enough to pay for a $400 emergency bill. Imagine if you had thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Defendants, their attorneys, and their insurance agents normally have bigger budgets, which means they can afford a longer trial and can gobble up any money you have personally invested. In the end, you could lose your life savings, your home, and your car.

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans makes Allentown pre-settlement funding available to you, which is a more financially sound decision for you and your future. A lawsuit loan is not like a traditional loan; think of it more like a cash advance given to you.

The lawsuit loan amount depends on the expected settlement total. No matter what it amounts to, you can use the money to pay for your medical bills, rent or mortgage, car payments, gas, and groceries. You can use the cash advance however you would like.

What Type of Lawsuit is Eligible for a Legal Loan in Allentown?

Here at Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, we have provided legal funding to thousands of clients involved in a wide variety of lawsuits across the country, including Allentown, Pennsylvania. Types of lawsuits that are eligible for a legal loan include:

  • Car accidents
  • Personal injury
  • Commercial litigation
  • Employment law
  • Jones Act
  • Mass tort
  • Medical malpractice
  • Product liability
  • Slip and fall
  • Civil rights
  • Construction accidents
  • FELA railroad
  • Labor law
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceutical drugs
  • Premises liability
  • Sexual abuse
  • Qui Tam and whistleblower cases

If you are a plaintiff involved in one of these types of lawsuit cases and are in need of pre-settlement funding, apply now to get started and have cash in your hand within 24 hours.

What do I Need to do to Apply for an Allentown Legal Loan?

Applying for an Allentown legal loan is simple and easy. You just need to have a few things in place to make sure you qualify:

  • You must have filed a lawsuit from one of the types of lawsuits above, but, if you do not see your lawsuit, we still encourage you to apply.
  • You must be a plaintiff in that lawsuit.
  • You must be represented by an attorney or law firm.

It is important to have legal representation for both the safety and benefit of our investors at Tribeca and for you. Studies show that clients who have hired an attorney usually earn a lot more in compensation than those clients who represent themselves.

Do I Have to Repay My Allentown Lawsuit Loan if I Lose My Case?

The short answer is, no. If you do not win your case, you do not have to repay the lawsuit loan; you keep it. You only repay the money you borrow if you win.

This is because Tribeca’s lawsuit loans are non-recourse, which means you are not liable for the debt you incur and you are not required to repay it if you lose your case. They are risk- and stress-free!

If you do have to repay, our experienced Allentown legal funding specialists are careful to determine the right amount of pre-settlement funding to accommodate your expected compensation when you do settle.

Get Your Lawsuit Loan in Allentown from Tribeca

Our no-obligation application process at Tribeca Lawsuit Loans can provide you with the legal funding in Allentown that you need to cover your expenses until your lawsuit settles and sucks your bank account dry. Before you apply, make sure you have legal representation and have your attorney’s contact info handy so we can review the case and agreed-upon contract with them.

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