Charleston Lawsuit Loans

A lawsuit loan is a way to get money from your future settlement now. This cushion can pay for things like living expenses, creditors, medical care, and anything else you need to cover while you recover from your injury.

The lender for Charleston lawsuit loans is Tribeca Lawsuit Loans. We help people across the country get the cash they need from their settlements fast, sometimes as fast as 24 hours! Here’s how it all works.

Am I Eligible for a Lawsuit Loan in Charleston?

If you have a civil lawsuit where you can get financial compensation and you have a lawyer working on your case, then you are eligible for Charleston pre-settlement funding! Tribeca offers non-recourse loans based on the strength and value of your case.

Our team just needs a few details about your case from you and your lawyer to make a final decision about your eligibility, but we will never ask you questions like:

  • What’s your employment status?
  • How much do you make each month?
  • What’s your credit history?

This is because our loans are non-recourse loans. This means the only way we get paid back is through your settlement. Thus, we must make sure you have a strong case before making a loan offer. This is also why we require you to have a lawyer.

Do I Need a Lawyer to Get a Charleston Lawsuit Loan?

Yes. Having a lawyer work on your case does several things for you. First, it shows that a legal professional believes you have a case and can win it. Second, you are likely to get more money with a lawyer’s help. Insurers often lowball settlement offers until you have a lawyer.

Third, it gives us confidence that you can win your case. One part of the process is talking with your lawyer about your case. Based on their answers, we’ll know how much we can offer you and set a fair interest rate for pre-settlement funding in Charleston.

If you are representing yourself, it will be much harder to get a lawsuit loan through us. We encourage you to get a lawyer on your side first before reaching out to us about getting a lawsuit loan.

Do Lawsuit Loans Charge Interest in Charleston?

Tribeca Lawsuit Loans charges only simple interest rates on all our loans. Some of our competitors charge compound interest. That style of interest will eat away at your settlement and could leave you with very little at the end.

By charging simple interest, we make it very simple and clear how much you’ll pay us back at the end of your case. There will be no hidden surprises. If we decide your case is eligible for a loan, we will explain everything in the contract meeting.

We encourage you to learn more about our rates. Our industry is not well known yet, so we try to be as transparent as we can be about all our loan offers. Tribeca offers lawsuit loans in every state, so we’re very clear about all lending laws!

Get Your Charleston Legal Funding Fast

You can get legal funding in Charleston in as little as 24 hours! To get started, all you need to do is click the Apply Now button or give us a call at the number at the top of your screen.

We will ask you a few simple questions about your case to start our research. If your case is straightforward, we can deliver a quick decision. Otherwise, we will need to speak with your lawyer first. Most applications are answered within a week.

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