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People get injured every day in car accidents, workplace accidents, slip and fall accidents, and many other ways. Some of these ways open other parties up to civil liability. You can file a lawsuit to get compensation in the form of cash, but lawsuits can take a long time to process.

How do you cover your bills while you’re recovering and waiting for your lawsuit? Tribeca Lawsuit Loans can help. We offer lawsuit loans against your eventual settlement in Columbia, South Carolina, and across the country. You can get the money you need to continue your case fast!

How Soon Can I Get a Lawsuit Loan in Columbia?

We can get you money faster than you think! Many loans can be approved in just 24 hours. A quick deposit later and you can have money from your settlement to use however you like. You can spend it on things like:

  • Living expenses and making up lost wages
  • Medical gear you need to deal with your disability
  • Paying off creditors
  • Renovations to your house to make accommodations for your disability
  • Anything you want!

A lawsuit loan is a future advance on your settlement. If you win your case, your lawyer will pay us back after they receive the check from the insurance company. If you lose, you don’t have to pay us back at all. Yes, you read that correctly!

How Non-Recourse Pre-Settlement Funding in Columbia Works

Columbia pre-settlement funding is non-recourse. In a traditional loan, banks and other lenders have the legal authority to seek other forms of recourse to get payment if you default. For example, they could raid your other bank accounts, garnish your wages, put a lien on your property, and so on.

A non-recourse loan removes those other options. Instead, only the named collateral in the loan can be used for repayment. In a lawsuit loan, that’s your settlement or judgment. If you lose your case and that money disappears, we have no way of getting paid back.

This means we put all the risk onto our shoulders, but we think it’s worth it. Lawsuit loans are necessary to help plaintiffs fight off the tactics of rich insurance companies and corporations who can afford to run you out of money through the legal process. It’s a matter of justice.

How Defendants Fight You With Money in Civil Cases

Many defendants in civil cases have deep pockets. This is good because it means you can get money from them in compensation, but it has its downside. They have the money to hire lawyers of their own and can wage a much longer battle than you can.

If they can drag out the settlement process or your lawsuit, your bills will keep piling up. If you’re injured or out of work, you may not be able to pay them once your money runs out. That can force you to take a lower settlement so you don’t face terrible consequences.

If you have a lawsuit loan, things change. You cover your expenses and give your lawyer more time to fight to a successful conclusion in your case. You’ll also ease the stress of creditor calls and threats of foreclosure, eviction, and similar financial disasters.

How Much Money Could I Get from a Columbia Lawsuit Loan?

Our loan limits range from $500 to $1 million dollars. If your case qualifies, you could receive a substantial part of your compensation right away to pay for things like emergency medical care. How do we determine the exact amount, though?

Lawsuit loans in Columbia are only meant to give you enough to keep your case going until it finishes. After we learn the full value of your case, we consider how long it will take for your case to finish and then make a decision on how much is reasonable to keep things going until then.

This preserves the value of your settlement when you win your case and reduces our liability should you lose your case. You can find out how much you can get quickly by answering a few questions during a loan consultation with Tribeca’s team.

Get Legal Funding in Columbia Fast!

Now that you know all about Columbia legal funding, how do you get it? It’s really simple! Just click the Apply Now button at the top of your screen or call us. We will schedule a time for a loan meeting and ask you to prepare some information about your case. We’ll also need to speak with your lawyer.

After we get the information we need, we’ll make you a lawsuit loan offer you’re sure to like. If you approve of the terms, you can have the money in your bank account in a single day! Why wait any longer than you have to for your settlement money. It’s yours after all!

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