Murfreesboro Lawsuit Loans

Murfreesboro lawsuit loans can help you fight for the maximum value of your settlement by giving some of it to you now. This money could mean the difference between settling early and less than your settlement is worth or getting every penny you deserve.

Lawsuit loans, also known as pre-settlement funding, can give clients just the help they need against a well-funded defendant. Find out how you can borrow against your settlement at no risk to your own finances.

What Is a Murfreesboro Lawsuit Settlement Loan?

The simple idea behind a settlement loan is this: you’re expecting a settlement, so why wait to receive the money? Over the last forty years, legal funding has emerged as an alternative financing option for people who are facing lengthy settlement negotiations. Instead of relying on an expensive and risky personal loan or credit card, you can use a legal loan.

Unlike these other financing options, legal funding carries no risk to the borrower. If you were to lose your case and took out a personal loan to cover your lost income, you would still need to repay that, even if you lost your job due to an accident. With a Murfreesboro lawsuit settlement loan, if you lose your case, you don’t need to repay anything you borrowed.

This is because settlement loans are considered to be a form of nonrecourse debt. The sole collateral used to obtain one is your settlement, and repayment can only come from your award. Thus, if you have no settlement, you have no obligation to repay. Similarly, you won’t ever repay an amount of your legal funding in excess of your settlement.

What Types of Cases Do Murfreesboro Lawsuit Settlement Loans Cover?

Your Murfreesboro pre-settlement funding can be used to cover your expenses rising from a wide variety of cases, including the following:

  • Car accidents
  • Personal injuries
  • Premises liability
  • Product liability
  • Medical malpractice
  • Police brutality
  • Workplace accidents

In most instances, if you’re waiting on a settlement, it’s likely that you qualify for a Murfreesboro lawsuit loan. If you have a question about whether you qualify, you can always contact a legal funding company directly to ask about the types of cases they cover or prefer to work with.

How Do You Qualify For a Pre-Settlement Loan?

The process to qualify for a pre-settlement loan is surprisingly simple. As long as you meet the following criteria, it’s likely that you’ll qualify for a settlement loan:

  • You’ve filed a lawsuit and are waiting for a settlement
  • You’ve hired a lawyer who works on contingency

So long as you meet these criteria, it’s likely that you qualify for pre-settlement funding. The legal funding company will examine the facts of your case and award you funding based on the perceived likelihood of you winning.

However, your lawyer will also need to approve of your legal funding. Without your lawyer’s approval, we won’t be able to work with you and you won’t be able to receive a lawsuit loan.

How Long Does it Take to Obtain a Murfreesboro Lawsuit Loan?

When you’re working with a reputable legal funding company, you can obtain a Murfreesboro lawsuit loan quickly, sometimes in a matter of hours. Once you apply, you can be approved for your legal funding and receive the money in your account on the same day. This might take a little longer if you apply over the weekend, but some companies service during these times too.

This application process can move much faster than it does for other forms of financing because legal funding companies only look at the state of your case when deciding if they’ll lend to you. Since they just need to speak with your lawyer about your case and don’t need to pry into your financial history, they can come to a determination as to how much they’ll offer you much faster.

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At Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, we can offer you pre-settlement funding worth up to $1 million within 24 hours after you’ve been approved. Our funding is nonrecourse and doesn’t need to be repaid if you happen to lose your case. Once you receive your money from us, it’s yours to keep and do with as you please.

We know how hard it can be to fight for your settlement and what an uphill battle feels like. You don’t have to be crushed by bills that you only have to pay due to someone else’s negligence or recklessness. We’re here to assist you, so contact us today to apply for legal funding or to speak with one of our live agents who can guide you through the process.

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