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No one expects that they’ll end up in a lengthy and costly legal battle. But the reality is that people sometimes need to pursue litigation in order to get justice and that process can take many months or even years. It can quickly drain your savings and leave you struggling to make ends meet.

A lawsuit loan in Nashville can help you through these difficult times. Our legal funding can help you pay your legal costs and meet your everyday expenses by essentially borrowing from your future settlement. And all it takes is a call to (866) 388-2288 or to contact us online to get started.

What Is a Lawsuit Loan and How Is It Different from Other Loans?

A lawsuit loan, also known as legal funding or pre-settlement funding, is different than a personal bank loan or credit card. A lawsuit loan is specifically for people who need money while starting a lawsuit or in the middle of one. Here are a few of the other key differences:

No Credit Score Necessary

A personal bank loan asks for your financial history. This is because these loans are issued on the likelihood of your ability to repay with your income.

We don’t check your financial history or credit score because we assess your loan amount based on the predicted monetary recovery of your case. Another analogy for legal funding is a cash advance; you’re borrowing money from the award you will be getting at the successful conclusion of your case.

Our Legal Funding Is No-Risk

When you take out a personal loan, you are taking a risk. Usually, when a loan is disbursed, there is a grace period before you have to start paying the loan back. If you fail to repay the loan properly, they may be able to seize assets or garnish your wages.

Our legal funding in Nashville is a risk-free legal funding option. We do not have a grace period of payback because we get paid when your case is resolved. And if you do not win, then you keep the money anyway.

How Can Pre-Settlement Funding in Nashville Help Me?

The cash you receive from our pre-settlement funding arrives quickly and can be spent freely. Once the approval process is finalized, we put money in your account in as little as 24 hours. You can then use the funds however you wish; there are no stipulations.

A legal loan can help you in the following ways:

  • Keep mortgage payments up to date
  • Repay medical debt
  • Pay for medications
  • Replace wages lost due to injury
  • Use the money to repair your vehicle or property
  • Pay insurance for house or car
  • Pay off credit cards
  • Buying groceries, fuel, or treat yourself and your family

Is It Easy to Apply for a Lawsuit Loan in Nashville?

The application process is easy and, better still, free. Here is some information we require our applicants to include:

  • Your lawyer’s contact information
  • What area of law your current or future litigation is under
  • The predicted value of your case (i.e., what compensation you’re seeking)
  • How long you expect your lawsuit to last

Once you finish the application, we will reach out to you and your legal team. We want to make sure that we understand your case and that we’re able to supply you with a low-interest legal loan that meets your needs properly.

Get Started with Our Pre-Settlement Funding Today

If you are interested in learning more about how a lawsuit loan in Nashville could be right for you, complete our application form or call us at (866) 388-2288 to speak with our experienced legal funding specialists.

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