Abilene Lawsuit Loans

Settlement loans are classified as non-recourse legal funding. This means there is no risk you will not be able to repay your pre-settlement funding.

If you obtain legal funding, you are required to pay it back if you win or settle your legal case. Conversely, if you lose your case, you are under no obligation for loan repayment.

Tribeca makes it easy to pursue a cash advance against your lawsuit. We offer comprehensive loan options for all types of cases. Our pre-settlement funding specialists can answer any questions you have.

Is Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding the Same As Those Provided in Other Cities and Towns?

We are a leading choice for cash advance in Abilene and other Texas cities and towns. Also, we provide legal funding to clients across the United States.

There are few regulations surrounding settlement funding. Our team stays up to date on legal funding legislation. We operate in accordance with U.S. and local mandates. Thus, we ensure our pre-settlement funding is 100% legal, regardless of where our clients are located.

If you want to learn more about lawsuit pre-settlement funding, let us know. Our pre-settlement funding specialists can provide details about legal funding. We can help you obtain the money at your convenience.

Is There a Lengthy Process I Need to Complete?

One thing to keep in mind: the application process is straightforward and seamless. This is due to the fact that legal funding is not the same as a traditional loan.

To get a standard loan, you first need to visit a bank or credit union. Next, you fill out an application and share your credit history and various personal financial information. From here, the bank or credit union reviews your application. If you are approved for a loan, you receive a quote. No matter how you use your loan, you are required to repay it.

Comparatively, with our application process, we request relevant information about you and your legal case. You can usually complete our application in minutes. And we review your application and determine your eligibility for legal funding within one business day.

What Happens If I am Approved for a Settlement Loan?

If we approve your request for a lawsuit loan, congratulations! At this time, we finalize your application and provide you with a check for your legal funding.

Once we send you a quote and you accept it, we ask you to sign a contract. This verifies you approve our lending terms.

After we get your signed contract, we drop a check in the mail for your pre-settlement funding. You should expect your check to arrive in days. Feel free to cash your check and start using your advance right away, too.

Are There Any Loan Fees I Need to Worry About?

We prioritize transparency and communication throughout your lawsuit loan experience. As such, we share full details about any loan costs before you receive your legal funding.

There are no fees at any point in our pre-settlement funding process. You can submit your application free of charge. Even if you do not accept our lawsuit loan quote, you are not charged any fees.

Furthermore, there are no processing fees over the course of your lawsuit loan. We do, however, charge interest on your loan. But, we detail your interest rate in your quote. We also encourage you to get in touch with us if you have concerns or questions regarding your interest rate.

How Much Interest Do You Charge?

We tailor each advance to our client’s needs. Therefore, we cannot provide an exact interest rate amount for every loan. Instead, we need to review your legal case before we can determine your eligibility for legal funding and the potential interest rate associated with it.

If you do get one, we do not compound interest on it. This means you are charged a flat interest rate that remains intact for the duration of your loan.

Meanwhile, we strive to keep our interest rates low. We generally offer superior loan interest rates in contrast to those provided by banks and credit unions. Plus, our legal funding specialists work diligently to ensure our clients get the best loan interest rates, every time.

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