Beaumont Lawsuit Loans

When someone else’s negligence or misconduct has caused substantial trauma and troubles in your life, you may have the right to financial compensation. Seeking the restitution that you deserve in civil court or through insurance claims may be the best way to go about holding them accountable. But while you are waiting for the insurance company to settle your case fairly in negotiations and for your case to be resolved at trial, you may still be stuck with exorbitant financial losses that are making your life even more challenging than it was after the accident.

If this sounds like what you are going through, you are not alone. With Tribeca Lawsuit Loans, you can access the Beaumont legal funding you need when you need it. Get the Beaumont lawsuit loans you need in twenty-four hours or less when you apply now.

When to Call for a Lawsuit Loan in Beaumont

Are you trying to figure out how you are going to continue to support yourself and your family despite continued financial struggles caused by the misconduct or wrongful actions of another? When you are pursuing civil action or have filed claims with the insurance company, you could be waiting on the compensation that your family needs to get through these trying times.

But those types of cases can take time to settle. That does little to help your family now when you are still trying to cope with the aftermath of the accident. Legal funding in Beaumont could be the answer you have been looking for. Here are some of the more common types of civil cases we have approved pre-settlement funding for in the past:

  • Motorcycle accident lawsuits
  • Car accident claims
  • Bus accident claims
  • Commercial truck accident lawsuits
  • Various malpractice lawsuits
  • Wrongful death claims
  • Employment law violation complaints
  • Whistleblower complaints
  • FELA railroad complaints
  • Premises liability accident cases
  • Slip and fall claims
  • Defective products claims
  • Labor law violation lawsuits
  • Work injury lawsuits
  • Construction accident claims 

If you have been involved in another type of accident that was not described above, you may still have the ability to get your Beaumont lawsuit loans approved. Find out how much you could be approved for when you contact our office.

Applying for Beaumont Legal Funding

Are you ready to fill out your application for a lawsuit loan in Beaumont? In order to qualify, there are several requirements that you will need to meet. First, you need to be involved in some kind of civil lawsuit where you are going to be awarded compensation for your damages if you win.

You do not need to worry about having a perfect credit score. Many people hesitate to apply for lawsuit loans because they believe that they work the same way other types of loans do. But lawsuit loans and legal funding work much differently. Here, your credit score and ability to repay your debts are irrelevant. What matters to us is whether you are likely to win your insurance and civil claims.

With that in mind, we do require our applicants to have a lawyer handling the details of their case. If you do not have legal representation, we will be unable to approve your Beaumont lawsuit loan application.

What Happens After You Get Approved for Your Pre-Settlement Funding in Beaumont

Once your application for legal funding in Beaumont has been approved, you can expect us to send the money to your bank shortly thereafter. It does not usually take more than twenty-four hours for claimants to receive their funds. Once you have the money, you can finally take a breath and cover all of the expenses that have been holding you back and weighing your family down.

Once your insurance settlement has come in or your civil lawsuit payout has been received, you can contact Tribeca to pay back your Beaumont lawsuit loans. When we approve your application, we will discuss the terms of your repayment in detail. It is important to note that if your attorney is unable to win your case in court or with the insurance company, you do not have to worry about Tribeca attempting to recover your lawsuit loans. The only time that you will be expected to pay back your pre-settlement funding is if your lawyer is able to win your case.

Call Tribeca to Apply for a Beaumont Lawsuit Loan

Are you ready to access the money that you need to begin to rebuild your life after dealing with a difficult litigation process? If so, apply for the Beaumont pre-settlement funding you need. Call Tribeca Lawsuit Loans for help.

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